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A New Powerhouse Supplement

by Mark

A list member turned me on to a company last Month…

It's called Superman Herbs and they have a very unique
product line up.

And their stuff is very high quality.

They carry a shlajit that's comparable to the Lotus brand.

An Ant Extract with a 20:1 potency that blows the doors off the ant I've been using.

He Shou Wu, which I'd never has success with until I tried theirs.

And last but not least, Pine Pollen…

The product hundreds of you have asked about since Tim Ferris wrote about it in his 4 Hour series.

This is the only pine pollen I've tested that works as well as the custom batch I had made, that cost me a small fortune.

But I need to warn you….

These products are more like food than supplements. And you have to eat them in decent sized quantities.

I took a tablespoon of their Phoenix supplement this morning…

And I'll be honest with you, I had to man up a little bit to get it down…

But it was worth it…

Because Phoenix actually contains all four of the items we just talked about…

Shlajit - Ant Extract - He Shou Wu - Pine Pollen.

View it Here.

Make sure you check the user reviews at the bottom of the page.

One more thing...

In case you're wondering, yes I'm am cycling this stuff.

If you already have the 7 t-boosters on hand I suggest you do the same.

If you don't you should buy the herbs individually and put them into a cycling rotation.

This will cover you 4 days a week.

You'll find links to all their products on the Homepage.

If you sign up for their newsletter you get 15% of your first order.

Here's the Link.


Dozens of you bought Phoenix Formula over the weekend….

So I want to talk about the best way to take this stuff…

Because if you don't go in with a plan - you're going to feel like an Amazon native eating catauba bark straight off the tree.

It's not nearly as nasty tasting as catuaba, but it does have
it's own special flavor.

So here's how I've been getting it down myself….

Take one heaping tablespoon and mix it with a half cup of
warm water, and stir it up.

Then brace yourself and shoot it straight back.

Make sure you have another cup of pure water sitting nearby.

Once you've downed the shot, chase it with the plain water to clear the aftertaste.

That's it.

The vast majority of you will have no problems with this at all.

But if unusual tastes switch on your gag reflex, you should probably pass on this supplement.

One final thing….

I suggest you take a trip to the bedroom with your girl the evening after you take your first dose..

Because the best way to gauge this stuff is to pay attention to your hardness factor and your aggression in the sack.

This supplement worked extremely well for me, but I'd Iike to hear how well it works for you...

So make sure you send me a detailed report after you take care of business :)

Phoenix Formula

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