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Male Testosterone Levels!

Boost Testosterone Naturally!

Male Testosterone Levels!

Asian males have the lowest testosterone levels of all the races.

A study of American and Asian men revealed that the average testosterone level in Americans was 450, and in the Asian population it was 400.

African American males have higher testosterone levels compared to white Caucasians. At least up until the age of 40.

After the age of 40 African Americans and whites have comparable testosterone levels.

The testosterone levels of Hispanics very similar to those found in Caucasians.

Athletes and Testosterone!

A professor of sociology and human development at Penn State, has conducted several studies in which they measured the testosterone in saliva samples taken from a variety of college athletes.

The studies found that in many male and female athletes testosterone levels increased before competitions. After the competitions were over the winners testosterone levels tended to rise while the losers testosterone tended to drop.

Endurance v.s High Intensity Exercise!

Testosterone levels are significantly reduced in endurance athletes. Long, slow continuous exercise has a negative impact on T levels.

Short duration intense exercise results in increased growth hormone release and increased levels of testosterone.

More facts on Male Testosterone Levels!

Testosterone is the most important hormone in the male body for energy, libido, muscle size and strength.

Low levels of T increase death rate for men over 50. A study out of UCSD with 800 men over 50 found that those with the lowest levels had a 33% increased risk of death over an 18-year period compared to those with higher levels.

T improves oxygen uptake throughout the body, helps control blood sugar, and helps regulate cholesterol.

Low levels of T increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

Treatment for Low Testosterone!

Supplement with Natural Testosterone Boosters

Boost Low Testosterone Levels with Exercise

Supplement with Chrysin to Reduce your Estrogen Load

Male Testosterone Levels to

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