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311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled His Testosterone Levels, Naturally!

by Erik

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311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled
His Testosterone Levels, Naturally!

Mark - You kick ass!

I was 311 pounds, a chronic marijuana smoker and I made the word 'sedentary' tired.

I had prostatitis and my cholesterol was 242 points.

My C-Reactive protein was at 16. My testosterone was at 106! I was having pills and transdermal gels thrown at me by doctors.

I took Testim for three days and had a terrible reaction.

I read your website and decided that meds are no excuse to circumvent getting into shape and utilizing the right herbal approaches.

So, I quit smoking marijuana and now I go to the gym every day. I eat a raw diet, but I still tear up fish and chicken.

I have eat lots of essential fat and the weight has dropped off a lot.

311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled
His Testosterone Levels, Naturally

I now weight 268 pounds, am smoke free and my cholesterol is 186, my C-Reactive is 3 and my testosterone is 259 and climbing.

My doctor is amazed and so am I.

I owe a great deal of my progress to you giving a damn enough to write all your stuff.

I know I have a long way to go and I have learned to love discipline. I'm now inspired to go back to school and get an education in nutritional science.

It has been an uphill battle, but now I jump out of bed and kick ass my entire day. I know my testosterone is still low, but Rome wasn't built in a day.

I believe that I can achieve a strong 500+ testosterone with my methods that you inspired.

All that and my testicles are growing! I thought they couldn't do that!

I am 39 and I thought my life was over.

Thank you again for your words and caring enough to share your experiences.

You are a hell of a guy and I can't thank you enough.

311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled
His Testosterone Levels, Naturally

Hi Erik,

Thanks for all your feedback, I appreciate it!

I want to congratulate you on having the smarts to say no!

To pass on all the medications your doctor was throwing at you...throw being the operative word here.

I'm always stunned how doctor man always seems to run straight for his prescription pad, no matter what the situation.

Think about it!

When the old you walked through the front door, any sane man would have said to himself...

Hmmm...he needs to lose some weight, clean up his diet, and get some exercise.

But doctor man said, hmmmm... what drugs can I prescribe to fix this guy up.

Of course, the answer to his question is, there are none!

You can't swallow a pill, or put a patch on your arm, and call yourself good as new when you weight in at 311 pounds!

It simply doesn't work that way...

Unfortunately, "Medical Science" hasn't figured this one out yet!

311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled
His Testosterone Levels, Naturally

You more than doubled your testosterone levels by making a few lifestyle changes...and you accomplished this without using drugs or artificial hormones.

Guess what that means?

If you doubled it once, you can double it again!

I'd bet my hard earned cash that this will happen for you, automatically, once your weight drops below 230 lbs or so.

Especially if you replace some of the body fat you've lost with muscle.

Your story is inspiring Erik, and I want to thank you for taking the time to share it here with my visitors.

Check back again in 6 months, and update us on your progress.

Good luck to you!

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311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled His
Testosterone Levels Naturally to Low T-Home

Comments for 311 Pound Marijuana Smoker Doubled His Testosterone Levels, Naturally!

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Aug 03, 2011
food plan?
by: Anonymous


I am a big guy too. 6'6" and 429 pounds. I carry my weight well. I have read Mark's ebook and on board.

My question for you is what is your diet consist of today. I have read article after article about how the diet is a major factor in increasing testosterone as well.

But all the articles are geared towards weight lifters. What's a typical day diet and exercise. Standing 6'6" and 429 not to much exercise for me.


Jan 02, 2011
Marijuana known to reduce testosterone levels
by: Anonymous

Smoking Marijuana and low testosterone levels are known to be related.

Even casual Marijuana use reduces hormone production, especially testosterone. Various studies have shown this correlation between smoking weed and testosterone levels in men.

It was even thought at one point, although not proven, that smoking Marijuana increased levels of the female hormone, oestrogen, and so competed with testosterone.

Marijuana is also thought to make your testes smaller as well as decreasing your fertility.

It takes 24 hours after a casual smoke of weed for your hormone levels to return to normal.

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