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Yohimbe and Passion Rx

(Melbourne, Australia)

I found your website while surfing the “net” and I would like to ask you a couple of questions about your seven days -seven testosterone supplements plan, which- by the way- I will seriously consider following in the near future.

I am writing to you from Melbourne, Australia, where the importation of yohimbe is prohibited.

I am not aware if you can obtain it with a medical prescription or not, but I do not to go down this path anyway. So, what can one get instead of yohimbe?

How about Passion Rx, do I order the one without yohimbe or should I buy another multi-ingredient product? Testosterone boosters such as Axis HT and Viraloid, for example, are indeed available here.

Finally, I noticed that you recommend people to take double the usual dosage of Passion Rx and Tongkat Ali.

Does this apply to every supplement you suggest or only to these two?

Thanks for your time


Yohimbe is nice to have, but you can get along quite well without it. There are many excellent natural testosterone boosters out there so you have plenty of alternatives.

Axsis HT and Viraloid are both potent products.

If you have very low testosterone levels, they're decent options, although side effects are more likely with them compared to Passion Rx.

Aggression, hostility, impatience, and caffeine like effects are common with these two supplements

I prefer Passion Rx., because I get the sex boost without the jitters and edginess.


The version without the yohimbe is still very effective, as it is loaded with potent sex boosting herbs, tongkat ali, catuaba bark, trubulus, horny goat week, etc...

Unless you have a serious erectile dysfunction problem, it will definitely get the job done.

Just keep in mind that when you take a combination product like Rx, it's a good idea to take a supplement free day the following day.

My recommendation is, take a combo product like Rx once a week, take one day off, then move onto the cycle.

During the rest of the cycle period, take supplements that include only one herb in each capsule.

So far this has been working well for me and several of my site visitors.

Regarding dosages, I often take twice the recommended dosage, but I always take a smaller test dose first.

If it doesn't kick in strong the first time around, I increase the amount until I find the sweet spot.

Everyone responds differently, so it's a good idea to test until you find out what works best for you.


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