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What Happens When You Get Your Testosterone Back?

by Mike

What Happens When You Get Your Testosterone Back?

Hey Mark!

Thanks for all of the great info. I'm doing research for myself, as well as my customers (I manage a health food store.).

A few questions:

1) When you got The Protocols down, what were some of your noticeable results? Fat loss, muscle gain, memory, etc.

I ask because I'm doing pretty good in a lot of areas, but I have some extra fat and sleep issues.

2) Unrelated to the testosterone question where can I find natural health information regarding GERD?

You stated in your bio that you'd had success with that as well.

Please let me know.

What Happens When You Get Your Testosterone Back?

Hi Mike,

My most noticeable result was I stopped saying no to myself and started saying yes much more often.

I took risks, created 3 separate businesses, starting having and dreaming about sex again. I put on close to 15 pounds of muscle and lost what felt like 2 tons of body fat.

I became more verbal, outgoing, and motivated, and I began spending much less time on passive leisure activities like television and surfing the web.

Life became more about creating and pursuit than instant gratification, and as a result my motivation to get out of bed every morning skyrocketed because I always had exciting tasks out there waiting for me.

I also started seeing that wood that used to show up early every morning back when I was in my 20's and 30's.

I quickly discovered that this erection was an acute signal of good things to come, as this indicated that my hormones were flying high on that day.

And my experience had shown that dialed in hormones and big plans is THE true recipe for happiness in my life.

And that would sum up the way I feel now….happy.

And if you think about it, what could be more important that your own personal happiness?

Regarding your GERD (otherwise know as big time indigestion) question...

I first went to a doctor for a help on this, which was a big mistake on my part.

This brilliant man told me after a 4 minute exam that I was going to need to take a prescription H2 blocker for the rest of my natural life.

Since that didn't seem like such a great idea to me, I decided to go on an elimination diet to discover the trigger food that was causing my severe indigestion problems.

For 7 days, I ate nothing but chicken and beef with plain sea salt, water, and fruit.

By day two of this experiment my GERD had completely disappeared. (bye bye H2 blockers!)

On the eighth day, I started reintroducing foods into my diet, one at a time.

Eggs were fine, almonds were good, rice no problem at all.

This went on for a while until the day I reintroduced nightshades, otherwise know as tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, etc… into my diet.

The tiny bit of salsa I placed on my food that day put me straight back into my GERD nightmare.

I responded so strongly to these nightshades, that I actually had a hard time swallowing the food I was eating at the time.

My throat was literally closing up to prevent the nightshades from going down into my stomach.

That was all the proof I needed. On that day I got rid of the nightshades and the GERD for life.

If you're suffering with this condition, I highly recommend that you go through this same process, as chronic GERD increases your risk of developing throat cancer.

You can read more about this link HERE

Good luck!

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