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Warning: Drama Queen Alert!

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Hi Mark,

I find your excessive use of the words balls and testicles offensive.

Can't you get your message across without using this
sophomoric language all the time?

It distracts from what you're doing and is unnecessary in
my opinion.


Hello there,

A couple of quick points you may have missed:

1: My website is all about increasing testosterone.

2: Testicles create 95% of the testosterone in a mans body.

So yea, I spend quite a bit of time talking about them.

The way I see it, I'd be an idiot if I didn't.

That would be like a guy who runs a muscle car website
never talking about engines.

Nobody would be that stupid, and I'm certainly not.

So here's the deal…

If you have a problem seeing the word testicles in print
you can always stop visiting my website….

…unsubscribe from my list (never mind, I already took care of that).

And while you're at it, you should probably take a look
at your hormone levels.

Because I have a feeling you're running low on man

Because low T makes a man fussy and whiny…

Especially if estrogen levels are running way too high.

So I suggest you get a testicle test…

Because that's what hormone testing really is…

A checkup on how well your balls are functioning.

And I'm pretty sure your twins could use some serious

Get Your Hormones Tested Here

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Bulbine info
by: Adam

Thanks Mark.

Appreciate the feedback. I will try it and see how it affects my T !


Bulbine Natalensis
by: adam

Hi Mark,

I have posted a few times over the last couple of years, love your site and follow your T lifestyle recommendations.

A big thank you for your efforts.

I have just come across the supplement Bulbine Natalensis on Google.

Its got some great reviews and big claims about boosting Testosterone and lowering Estrogen.

Would be great to get your thoughts on this supplement, and is there a brand of this supplement you recommend.

Thanks in advance

Hello Adam,

Bulbine Natalensis isn't very well known, but's it's actually a fairly potent T-Booster.

I've had it in my rotation since late last year, and it has quickly become one of my favorites.

So I give this one a thumbs up for sure.

Just make sure you cycle it.


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