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VigRX Ingredients! Read Before You Buy This Product!

by Victor
(Syracuse NY)

VigRX Ingredients! Read Before You Buy This Product!

Good Morning,

I just came across your site and it sounds like the $319 I just spent on VigRx should have been directed toward the cycling of your 7 supplements.

I am taking the VigRx 3 times a day, for 2 1/2 weeks with no real visual or physical effects.

I still have weak erections and problems maintaining an erection. I wake up hard but it quickly disappears.

Any thoughts?

I am thinking of returning the unused portion of VigRx and trying your methods.

Your comments would be appreciated.

VigRX Ingredients!
Read Before You Buy This Product!

Hello Victor,

My main issue with VigRX is their dosage recommendations...plus the fact that it's very expensive, considering what's in the bottle.


The whole site has a salesy feel about it, with pop-ups when you hit the back button, doctor recommended this and that, flashy graphics, etc, etc...

I bit on a lot of these types of products early on, and they leave an extremely bad taste in my mouth.

And that bad taste comes from the fact that money is obviously the main priority here, not the well being of their customers.

Let's not forget the fact that people are suffering here...that's why they wind up on websites like this.

These men need help, not a professional wallet extraction!

I can't blame them for trying to make a buck, but don't mark your product up by 1000 percent...


Give dosage instructions that will do absolutely nothing but fuel sales, and create tolerance to 10 herbs all at once.

I'm sorry, but I think they can do much better than that!

VigRX Ingredients!
Read Before You Buy This Product!

Of course you experienced all of this first hand, Victor.

If you really fell for the hype on the site, you also believed you were not supposed to feel much in the first month.

That comes after you pull your wallet out again for the next months purchase.

But month 2 is pretty subtle too, and surprise surprise, so is the 3rd.

As a matter of fact, according to them, you won't really experience the benefits until you've been on the product for a full 4 months!

But wait a minute!

The refund policy only lasts 60 days, so after 4 months you may be out of luck!

In other words, by that time your wallet appendectomy has been completed.

VigRX Ingredients!
Read Before You Buy This Product!

You asked if you should dump the VigRx and switch to the 7 Testosterone Boosters.

Here's the problem with that plan...

VigRx contains Tribulus Terrestris, Goat Weed, and Catuaba bark, which are all included in my main supplement list.

You've been taking all of these herbs 3 times a day, which means they're entirely useless for you now.

In other words, your body has, without a doubt, developed severe tolerance to all of them.

For these to be effective for you again, you need to go off them for at least 2 months..3 would be even better.

This means that my original list of T-Boosters wouldn't be of much help to you now.

But, there are other options...

You can accumulate 7 sex boosters that are not included in the VigRx ingredient list.

Fortunately for you, they left out several very good ones.

Look below and you'll find 7, reasonably priced, OTC supplements that are not included in VigRx.

Just make sure you cycle them religiously this time around...and never take any individual product more often than once every 7 days.

And on mornings when you wake up feeling it...take the day off entirely to create even bigger gaps between dosages.

Continue on this plan, without fail, to keep your body off balance and guessing at all times.

Do this and your sex boosters will deliver the goods you're looking for each and every time you take them.

Good luck!

Tongkat Ali

CDP Choline.

Macuna Pruriens

Rhodiola Rosea



Deer Antler Velvet

VigRX Ingredients Read Before You
Buy This Product to Low Testosterone-Home

Comments for VigRX Ingredients! Read Before You Buy This Product!

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Jan 31, 2012
Yup, I've been ripped off also
by: Trevor

Ever since i've decided to follow Mark's plan before I decide to take the plunge and receive injections or wear the patch Ive scoured the internet looking for other remedies also.

So many different companies offer so many different solutions. But it all comes down to this: They all seem to contain natural herbal ingredients that are similar in formulation. If you order the supplements available from the store recommended from Mark at least you can see the quantity of each ingredient right on the bottle and also receive e-mails with advice from Mark.

The cycling program seems to make sense to me as I have asked people from health supplement stores and body builders I know for their opinion. Last week I purchased a bottle of Test 600x from steroidsonline for $100 because the description made me believe there was something a little more potent in there(perhaps something pharmaceutical).

When I received the product I was shocked to read on the description it contained a few of the herbal supplements I had already purchased. I'd say what I received is probably worth about five or ten dollars.

Yup, there are lots of companies out there making millions from our problem which we are so hopeful to solve. I guess there is a lot of truth to the old saying "buyer beware".

Good luck in your quest, sir.

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