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Varicocele Vein, Testicles, and Low Testosterone Levels

by Ben

I have a varicocele. I also have low testosterone.

Are these correlated?

If so, have you heard of any natural therapies to at least shrink the varicocele?

I've been taking ginkgo biloba with no success.


Hi Ben,

This is the type of question that is best reserved for your doctor, as I'm not allowed to give medical advice.

That being said, I will tell you what I know regarding this condition.

For those who don't know, varicocele is an enlargement of a vein in the scrotum that usually leads to the left testicle.

Over the last 6 months, I've had email exchanges with 2 men who had this condition.

Both of these guys were suffering from very low levels of testosterone, probably caused by decreased testicular function.

Due to restricted blood flow, both had suffered testicular atrophy of the left testicle.

One had tried just about every supplement in the book, with no luck, so I have a feeling there's not much hope in finding an OTC product to treat the condition.

If anyone knows otherwise, please add your comments to this discussion.

If I were you, I'd pull the trigger, and opt for the surgery. It's outpatient, so it's not a major medical procedure.

Once you've had the surgery, you should look into Blakoe-Ball Zinger Device to speed the recovery of your testicles.

Good luck!

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