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Using Yohimbe for Erections

by Lane

Using Yohimbe for Erections

I spent almost $160 on several Testosterone Boosters, and was afraid I was wasting my money. Well, I can gladly say that the results have exceed my expectations so far.

I don't have time to review them all, so I'll talk about yohimbe which is the one I like the most.

I had never tried this supplement before, because of the negative things I'd read about side effects.

I followed your recommendations, (which in my case were slightly too conservative), and under dosed. Now, I'm taking more than you recommended, but less than is recommended on the product label.

There are 4 things I like about this supplement.

My erections are amazing on the days I take it.

My energy level is increased without and any buzzy caffeine like feelings.

Unlike the ED drugs, which just give you a boner, my libido is increased.

Lastly, there's usually a hangover effect. The day after I usually still feel the effects, although my erections are not as strong.

Next to Yohimbe, my favorites are...


Macuana Puriens


I also take Chrysin for estrogen control.


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