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Unwanted Erections! Spontaneous Erection!

by Reggie

Unwanted Erections! Spontaneous Erection!

Hi Mark,

I think I may be having too much success with these Testosterone Supplements, because, I am having unwanted erections, which is causing me some embarrassment.

All the increased sex thoughts and horniness is good, but I think I'm getting too much of a good thing here.

My question is, will this slow down a little, or do I need to change something, so this does not continue happening to me?

A little background. I'm in my late 20's and am in the 3rd week of my Cycle.

Thank you.

Unwanted Erections! Spontaneous Erection!

Hi Reggie,

99.9% of the men reading this, are thinking to themselves right now, that lucky SOB!

They come here because their erections have disappeared, and you my friend, have an erection surplus.

Consider yourself lucky, because along with these erections, comes a creative energy, a sense of motivation, and power, that only testosterone can deliver.

You're sitting on a gold mine right now, because you're like a space ship, full of rocket fuel, ready to

With your elevated levels of T, you're in a position to out work, out think, and out perform, every single guy in your neighborhood.

Your soy eating, vegetarian, overweight, estrogen dominant peers, don't stand a chance against you.

You need to remember this!

We're going to talk about how to temper your erections somewhat in a minute, but first, I have a piece of advice for you.

Don't waste the force!

Take this gift you have sitting in front of you, and create something spectacular.

I haven't a clue about your goals, but whatever they are, now is the time make them happen!

Don't blow your wad chasing skirts, obsessing over porn, or partying in the night clubs.

Sure, there's room for some of that, but don't let these things take over your life.

Channel your energy, and make something huge happen!

Something amazing, you could only fantasize about in the past.

OK, enough with the rant...

Unwanted Erections! Spontaneous Erection!

If you continue to cycle your Testosterone Boosters normally, things won't slow down for you at all.

You need to make a few adjustments, in order to cool things off a bit.

What you want to do is, temper the erections, but not shut them down entirely.

Here's my advice...

Reduce your dosages by 50 percent.

On days when you wake up, really feeling it, take no supplements at all.

You may have to play with quantity and timing a little before you get it down, but it shouldn't take long.

Once you've accomplished this, keep all of the advice above in mind.

And when, on occasion, you get an unwanted or spontaneous erection...

Embrace it, because this wood is a clear signal that the force is with you.

And when you've got the force behind you, you're completely unstoppable.

Unwanted Erections Spontaneous Erection to
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