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Undescended Testicle!


I know many doctors recommend the removal of an undescended testicle in adult men.

In my opinion, this slash and burn technique is a little bit harsh.

The argument is, that men with an undescended testis have an increased risk of testicular cancer. That seems to make sense, until you take a good look at the numbers.

Consider this...

Take a thousand men suffering this condition, and follow them for life.

Once they've checked out, go back and look and see how many developed testicular cancer.

Care to guess how many?

A grand total of 3!

Yup, that's only 3 out of every one thousand men.

That's higher normal, but it's not like these guys are dropping like flies.

Testicle Undescended!

Remember, I'm not a doctor, and everything I express here are my opinions, and my opinions only.

I'm going to give you another one right now.

If I had an undescended testicle, I'd keep it.

I'd know that it wasn't going to produce bucket loads of sperm, or pump out a steady stream of testosterone, but I'd keep it anyway.

What I would do is undergo orchidopexy surgery, and have the testicle placed back into the scrotum.

That way I could do self exams, and keep tabs on it.

If I ever did develop a tumor, at that point I'd have it removed.

Based on the numbers, the chances are good that would never happen.

Undescended Testes!

If you have an undescended testicle, here's what I recommend you do to keep your other testicle healthy and productive.

Wear a Blakoe/Ball Zinger Ring

This galvanic ring, which is worn around the penis and testicles, produces a small amount of electrical current, which stimulates the leydig cells in the testicles to produce more testosterone, and other male androgen's.

I know it sounds strange and unusual, but this device really works. The vast majority of my regular site visitors own and use this product on a daily basis.

The original Blakoe Ring is manufactured in Europe, and sells in the $150.00 range.

Recently, I located another manufacturer right here in the US.

He builds a better device, and sells it at a fraction of the price of the original Blakoe.

Follow the link below for pricing & additional information!

Ball Zinger Penis Ring

Supplement with Natural Testosterone Boosters!

Follow the link above to discover which herbs I use and recommend.

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