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TRT, Hormonal Swings, & Using HCG Post Cycle

by Brad

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TRT, Hormonal Swings, & Using HCG Post Cycle

Hi Mark,

I just came across your website and find it very motivational.

I have been on TRT for just over 13 months, and I want to get off of the Adrogel.

I don't want to take drugs all my life (I am currently 44).

When I started to see testicular atrophy, I became worried.

I have been researching for about 12 months to try and understand how and if I could get off of testosterone replacement and produce T on my own, naturally.

I have tried two male enhancement supplements, both containing a combo of ingredients, all herbal.

Both worked, but dropped off in boost after the first week or so, just you described.

I also started hitting the weights hard a year ago, and have been on a good path until recently when my elbow started hurting (trying to solve that one as I write).

I have one question. I had my T levels checked on 12/2/2010, and they came back at 703.

It seemed impossible to me that they had climbed so high, since starting at 266, when the TRT was first prescribed.

Since my doctor, who knows less about this than I do (in my opinion), never checked my LF or FSH levels, we may never know if I had Primary Hypogonadism or Secondary Hypogonadism.

With my T level so high, I can't believe the Androgel would possibly work that well. Which makes me think I must be producing on my own.

So, I had my T levels checked again on 1/23/2011 and they came back at 118, with my LF and FSH ridiculously low also. The question is how?

How do I get from 703 on 12/2 to 118 on 1/25?

My energy level and mental clarity are high. My sex drive is high.

My sexual performance is crazy good. I have been married 21+ years, and we have been making love more over the past three months than we have in years.

I have extended sessions with multiple orgasms. These are not things I would think are reflective of a man with a T level of 118.

I am thinking of seeing a specialist about using HCG to help me get off the TRT? What is you opinion of HCG and it's impact on boosting T?

If you have time respond, I will greatly appreciate it. I have been using 3 pumps of the Angdrogel instead of 4 per and will continue to wean myself off.

I will buy the 7 Herbal Testosterone Supplements when I run out of the ones I have. I was thinking of buying several individual boosters already, but, had not thought of the cycling routine.

I will begin implementing all of your other recommendations as well: Massage, Edging, the Blakoe ring, diet, specific exercises too.

I have to friends fighting this same battle. I will turn them on to your site.

At this point, I feel like Lewis and Clark. I hope I can make through.

When I realized my doctor prescribing TRT was a lifelong thing, I wanted to throw up. I nearly became depressed.

But instead of going mad I plan to beat this thing!

Thanks for your hard work and trials that will hopefully prove fruitful for me as well.

TRT, Hormonal Swings, & Using HCG Post Cycle

Hi Brad,

I'm not too surprised that your testosterone levels dropped from 703 to 118.

These wild, unpredictable swings are probably the second biggest complaint I hear, right next to testicular atrophy.

My gut tells me, your levels had tanked during test time, but headed back up as you continued to use the Androgel.

I guess you could call this a preview of things to come if you continue on your current course, as the longer you stay on the juice, the more often you'll experience these extreme lows.

To counter them, doctors typically increase the dosage, but an increase in Androgel will most certainly lead to an increase in side effects.

TRT, Hormonal Swings, & Using HCG Post Cycle

I think your plan to work with your doctor to get off the juice is a good one, but you need to keep one thing in mind as you proceed...

Your road will tougher than most!


Because your testicles have been asleep for the last 13 months.

Bringing them back to life is going to require a gargantuan effort on your part.


Based on your message above, it sounds like you know exactly what you need to do to make that happen.

And the HCG?

HCG does a decent job of countering the testicular atrophy brought on while using testosterone replacement therapy,


I've heard negative reports on it's effectiveness, post cycle.

Personally, If I were in your shoes I'd go cold turkey and pass on the HCG.

Good luck to you!

TRT, Hormonal Swings & Using HCG
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