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Tongkat! Eurycoma Longifolia Side Effects!

by Thomas

I used Tongkat Ali for a week and felt INCREDIBLE on days 4 and 5.

I am now trying to take your advice on cycling a different herb each day.

I am taking ginseng, catuaba bark, tribulus, muria puama, horny goat weed, and ginko biloba.

The day I take Tongkat Ali I feel nothing, even though I have been doubling to 4 a day.

Would you recommend taking Tongkat Ali daily, along with an additional cycled herb?

I really miss the way I responded in the beginning.

Thank you for your advice.

Tongkat! Eurycoma Longifolia Side Effects!

Hi Thomas,

You didn't mention what happened on days 6 and 7, but I'd bet the mojo started to wear off big time.

Tongkat is very potent stuff, especially the very first time you take it.

Because this was your first dose, you were able to push the envelope, take it for several days, and still feel the effects.

Unfortunately, that will most likely never happen for you again.

Your body has adjusted, and won't respond for more than a day or so in the future.

As you've discovered, doubling up on the dose right now is a complete waste.

You might as well be eating dirt, because it's not going to do you a bit of good.


You have to cycle your supplements!

Take each product for one day and one day only, then move on to the next.

Follow this one simple rule, and your Natural Testosterone Boosters will deliver for you each and every time you take them.


You can still use your tongkat ali in the future, you just have to give it a break for a while.

Take at least 4 weeks off, then bring it back into the rotation, and you should be good to go.

In the future, when a supplement really delivers the goods, resist the temptation to keep chasing the buzz.

Put it back on the shelf for 7 days, with the knowledge that in a week or so, you'll be able to take it again.

Good luck!

Tongkat! Eurycoma Longifolia Side Effects to
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