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Tongkat Ali Tea! Whole Root Powder or Extract?

by George

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Tongkat Ali Tea! Whole Root Powder or Extract?

Hi Mark,

I live in Thailand and know Tongkat Ali can be purchased at a Thai herbalist in town.

However, as far as I can understand, it is a whole root powder and the herbalist couldn't say if it was an extract or not.

I've read on the net that this is useless as there is not the concentration needed to be effective.

Given your views that tongkat doesn't need to be taken in large amounts I wonder if you have an opinion on TA powder's potency?

It just seems bizarre to send to the US for a product which I can buy at a store 2 miles from here.

BTW Butea Superba is available and I bought some capsules recently.

Best wishes

Tongkat Ali Tea!
Whole Root Powder or Extract?

Hi George,

Let me start off by saying this...

Tongkat ali is one of the nastiest tasting herbs that's ever passed through my lips, and I've eaten hundreds.

Back in the old days, I used to buy many of my sex boosting herbs in bulk powder form...tongkat, catuaba bark, muira puama, etc..

Then I'd do like the natives...I'd boil them down to release the alkaloids, then drink like a tea.

Two things happened that got me off that kick...

First, my gag reflex kicked in to the point where I couldn't force the stuff down any longer.

Second... I went for a dental cleaning.

The babe who cleans my teeth, and I do mean babe mind you, told me my teeth had become seriously stained, and asked me what I was doing.

Of course, it didn't take me too long to figure out the problem, so I gladly dropped that habit.

I've already played the guinea pig in this experiment George, and I'd highly recommend you don't try it.

Trust me, it's much easier to pop 4 capsules than go through the pain of boiling and drinking a nasty herbal concoction.

Tongkat Ali Tea!
Whole Root Powder or Extract?

You could also go the tincture route where you soak the herb in vodka to make an extract, but I tried that too.

The tincture tasted just as bad, and stained my teeth more than the tea did.

My advice?

Look around until you find a high quality tongkat ali extract in capsule form.

The capsules are easy to take, don't stain your teeth, and most importantly, they work!

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Jul 26, 2014
tongkat ali
by: Anonymous

Hi Mark, I used this product as a 100-1 potency, I hadn't read your site when I first taken it and obviously didn't cycle it correctly. The first time I taken it it worked wonders, but after taking in once a day for a week I went backwards wondering what the he'll happend.

I've tried to cycle this, it doesn't seem to work at all anymore even taking it once a week. Is it possible to build a tolerance to this and never get use from it again? A similar thing happened to me using horny goat weed too.

An explanation would be great


HI there,

Yes, when you take any supplement too often, you will build tolerance, which can last quite some time.

I suggest you take 3 at least months off, before you try using it again.


Jan 16, 2011
TA - powder or extract
by: George

Hi Mark

Thanks for the reply. I did not intend to make a tea, the problem is, I don't know if the capsules the local herbalist sells are TA extract (and if so what strength) or some cheap ass compound which contains all of the TA plant but maybe little of actual useful part which is the root or so I understand.

Anyway I have decided to try the caps and see what their effect is.


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