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Tongkat Ali and Tribulus! My Fatal Mistake!

by Brad

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus! My Fatal Mistake!

Hi Mark,

I've been using Tribulus Terrestris for the last 2 years to increase luteinizing hormone and enhance testosterone levels.

As you have very accurately described, I now have tolerance issues with it, so it doesn't do anything for me.

I kept taking it hoping that it was doing me good, even though I was pretty sure it wasn't.

Recently, I ordered 6 of your Testosterone Boosters separately, and am interested in buying one more so I have a total to 7.

Can you give me a recommendation?

Thank you for everything Mark!

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus! My Fatal Mistake

Hello Brad,

I feel your pain…

I went through a similar experience, although my supplement of choice was Tongkat Ali.

I ordered the expensive Indonesian stuff, and went on the cycle exactly as described on the bottle.

If I recall correctly, it was 20 days on, followed by 5 days off.

I used it a few days, and after the initial buzz had worn off, I remember thinking to myself.

I think it's still working????

This went on for a while, until I had a REALLY bad day about a week into the cycle….

I was depressed, unmotivated, and uninterested in anything going on around me…with zero sex drive or libido to boot.

Not good!

Of course, I kept on going because I'd read all the sales material, and this stuff was supposed to work.

Obviously, I was doing something wrong!

So I continued banging my head against the wall, popping the pills, and hoping for the best.

Of course, it didn't do me one bit of good…

Sure, I had good days here and there, but I would have had those anyway.

The bottom line was, Tongkat was dead for me, because I had failed cycle it.

If I only knew then what I know now…

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus! My Fatal Mistake

You're going to be able to add Tribulus back into your cycle in time, but it's going to be a while.

You took it for 2 years straight, so your body has gone completely blind to this supplement.

If I were you, and I'm probably probably being real conservative here, because I love Tribulus…

I'd drop it for at least 6 months.

In the meantime, I'd substitute CDP Choline, which I like every bit as much as Tribulus.


I want you to keep in mind that these supplements are a tool, an aid, or even better…a side dish.

The real meat comes to the table as a result of decisions you make on a daily basis.

In other words...

Are you going to stop after that 2ND drink, or are you going to get stupid tonight?

When the TV remote is calling just a bit louder than the sunshine, the outdoors, and life in the real world, are you going to listen?

When the cheesecake hits the table, do you take a bite or two, or do you go in face first.


It's takes discipline to get things right, but discipline is what real men are made of.

Make it a point to flex your discipline muscle regularly, and don't rely on the supplements to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Like I said earlier…the herbals are just a side dish..

It's up to you to pull together the main course.

Good luck!

Tongkat Ali and Tribulus My Fatal Mistake
to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

Comments for Tongkat Ali and Tribulus! My Fatal Mistake!

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Apr 17, 2014
Suggestion requested
by: Anonymous

Dear Mark,

I am thinking about taking a combination of Tribulus Terrestris and Tonkat Ali. Will it be safe? What safe quantity should be used on per day basis?

Hi there,

Yes, the combination is safe for most men who are in good health.

As far as dosages go, start at the minimum then work your way up from there. Once you experience side effects, back the dose down from there and you'll find out what dosage works best for you.

Good luck

Jun 13, 2013
Expensive sperm pills! Oh god!
by: David

I took Semenax for 6 weeks and nothing, apart from the first two days!

I soon quit the Semenax and was just wondering how long I should avoid the supplements inside the Semenax formula?

Hi David,

It will take at least 3 months for your body to forget and for tolerance to fade with these supplements.

So take 90 days off and you should be good to go.


Oct 03, 2011
Building Tolerance to Tongkat
by: Clay

I had to laugh when I read this (not at you Brad but with you) because I took Tongkat for almost 3 YEARS, and was convinced it was doing something for me until I lost my job last January.

This forced me to go off it because I couldn't afford it anymore, and guess what?

I felt exactly the same the day I stopped taking it, so it obviously wasn't doing anything for me.

What a waste!!!!!!!!

I'll plan to go off it now for the recommended 6 months and then try again.


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