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Tips to Increase Libido

Use food to Boost Your Sex Drive!

How to use foods to increase Libido!

If you're looking for tips to increase libido, there's no need to look any further than your dinner plate.

You're probably thinking to yourself right now, oh no, here we go again with another fluff article on why I should eat my spinach.

Nope! These T boosting foods are the real deal....

Foods That Increase Libido


Celery contains significant amounts of androgen like chemicals which work together to form compounds that ignite sexual arousal in females of many species in the animal kingdom.

They are also present in males with high androgen levels right at the time they are most prepared to mate.

These compounds are present in celery at a level between 6 and 8 nanograms per ounce, so you only need to eat a stalk or two a day to feel the effects.


This tips to increase libido article would be incomplete without a mention of broccoli.

Broccoli contains phytochemicals called indoles, which help the body eliminate unwanted estrogens. This will result in an increase in testosterone levels.

The next time you eat broccoli, pay attention to your libido the following day. Chances are, you'll notice a nice boost. The indoles in broccoli have another benefit, they reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Other foods with high levels of indole include cabbage, cauliflower, and kale.

Goji Berries

In one recent study, results showed that men over 59 who took 2 ounces of Goji berry a day walked away from a 10 day study having significantly higher levels of testosterone.

The reports on the web from people using goji show similar results. A lot of people are really crazy about this stuff, which sparked my interest in the first place.

I'm usually leery about the health claims coming from what I call, "fad foods", but this one looks like it may be a keeper. You can buy the berries whole, or as a juice.


Watermelon does the trick by increasing erection quality. The phyto-nutrient, responsible for this action is citrulline.

Citrulline works as a potent nitric oxide booster, in a similar fashion to Viagra.

The highest levels of Citruline are found in the rind, so make sure you eat some of the white flesh underneath the red portion of the fruit.


A reduction in dietary fat intake (and an increase in fiber) results in a 12% reduction of circulating androgen levels.

Several studies have shown that when total fat intakes increase, so do testosterone levels.

Raw Oysters

Roman emperors valued the aphrodisiacal qualities of oysters so much, that they paid for the shellfish by their weight in gold.

Oysters are very high in zinc which is involved in the production of sperm and testosterone.

Oysters also contain dopamine, a neurotransmitter which elevates mood, and boosts sexual desire.


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