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The HGH mindset. Do you have it?

by Mark Wilson

A guy at my local pool has been causing problems…

He has this bad habit of swimming diagonally across the pool.

Straight through 4 of the swim lanes, into the deep end…

Then back again.

It makes for a longer lap distance, but I still don't get his

Why would anyone want to piss people off like this?

He's pretty good at dodging other swimmers but that's not the point...

He's a distraction. And his timing isn't always perfect…

So an accident was bound to happen.

Like the one that happened on Friday…

I was swimming with my wife and I gave her a head start so we could race…

Because when you throw a little competition into your sprint routines…

You work harder.

And the harder you work the more hormonal action you're
going to get.

So racing is a good thing.

On our first sprint I gave the wife a 9 stroke head start, then pushed off the wall…

And out of the corner of my eye I see the diagonal guy

He slowed down and let my wife breeze past, but thought he could cut through ahead of me.


For one, back in the day I was a competitive swimmer and
water polo player.

So I'm fast.

For two, I was in a race. And when I'm racing I hate to lose.

So when he cut right in front of me, I thought screw it…

And I swam straight over his back…

When I hit the wall I turned to look at him thinking to myself, what's coming next?

But he didn't say a word.

He just dunked back under and kept swimming like nothing happened.

Not that I would have mixed it up with him or anything…

I've got way too much to lose for that.

But his options were limited anyway….

Because he swims slower that a styrofoam cup drifting
down the gutter…

And his physical condition matches up perfectly with his
exercise habits...

So unless the two of us were going to have an eating
contest he was going to lose.

Question for you:

When you work out, do you go slow or do you go fast?

Because fast will give you much more muscle. It will also
give you more hormones…

Of the growth type.

I show exactly how to do these fast routines in my exercise course...

As a matter of fact, I demonstrate my pool routine live on video.

So you can watch yours truly in full living color.

But I need to warn you:

This material isn't for experienced and educated athletes.

I created this course for the average guy…

The man who may still believe that you've got to suffer
through 5 mile runs…

Or 90 minutes on the treadmill. And all kinds of pain…

To build a body you can be proud of.

I'm here to tell you that this doctrine is fraudulent.
Bogus. Bunk.

All you need to do is this:

Clean up your diet. Exercise real fast. 3 times a week.

That's all it takes.


Order my exercise course today. And I'll send you my
diet course. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

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