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The Dangers of Chronic Supplementation!

by Chris
(United States)

The Dangers of Chronic Supplementation!

Dear Mark,

I enjoy your website and thank you for doing men like me a great service for free.

I have 2 questions for which I would like to hear your answer or take:

1. I have been on a prostate supplement that also contains Tribulus and Horny Goat Weed for quite a while, at least 6 months.

How long in your estimation should I lay off this product before becoming responsive to it again and starting to cycle it according to your instruction?

2. Concerning the question of building up resistance against supplements in general:

As far as I understand this is only a problem for substances that are foreign to your body (like Ginseng or in fact all products on your suggested rotation list).

Things like amino acids (L-carnitine, L-arginine etc.) or minerals (zinc, selenium, magnesium etc.) should not have this problem since they are endogenous to the body.

Do you agree with this statement?

Thank you and keep up the great work!

The Dangers of Chronic Supplementation!

Hello Chris,

Yes, I agree with your statement, although resistance isn't all you need to worry about.

Take zinc for example...

Zinc and copper compete with each other in the body, so when zinc levels climb, copper levels go down.

So let's say you've been supplementing with zinc at 200 mg for the last 5 years.

How will this effect your body?

We know for a fact that copper will take a big hit, but so will iron and magnesium.


Adequate levels of copper are essential for vascular health, wound healing, and prevention and recovery from heart attacks and strokes.

Magnesium keeps calcium from building up in your arteries.

It also aids in the body’s absorption of calcium and plays an important role in the strength and formation of bones and teeth.

And iron?

Let's just say anemia isn't something you want to shoot for.

The Dangers of Chronic Supplementation!

Now let's talk about the amino acids for a moment...

More specifically, let's talk about L-Arginine...

Clinical trials have shown that chronic supplementation with arginine in people with diabetes or pre-diabetes can lead to increased blood sugar levels.

Long term supplementation can also have a negative impact on those suffering liver or kidney disease.


Studies have proven that death rates are high among people who consume high dose L-Arginine supplements over the long term.

For these reasons, and several more, I prefer to cycle just about everything.

That being said, I do love my ZMA!

To compensate for the zinc in the product, I eat dark chocolate which is high in copper.

Since ZMA contains magnesium, I'm covered there.

I also make it a point to avoid supplementation at least twice a week.


Tribulus and Horny Goat Weed...

Since you've been taking these in your prostate supplement for 6 months, you need to put them down for a while.

Personally, I'd drop them for at least 2 months in order to get around the tolerance you've built up.

In the mean time, replace them with other sex boosters to fill in the gaps.

Here are a couple of suggestions for you...



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