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Testosterone Shots!

Injectable Testosterone!

Side Effects-Benefits!

Testosterone Shots - Testosterone Reviews

Injectable Testosterone - Side Effects-Benefits!

Testosterone cream, testosterone gel, and testosterone pellets are becoming more common. As a result, fewer and fewer doctors are using testosterone injections to boost T levels in men.

testosterone shots

If you're just beginning to look into Testosterone Replacement therapy, please keep the following information in mind..

Direct T therapy should be a last resort after everything else has failed. Once you begin direct T supplementation, side effects begin to occur. These include increased breast size, water retention, hostility, hair loss, and testicular atrophy.

To avoid all of these problems, use the information on this site to Boost Testosterone Naturally.. Do yourself a favor, and exhaust all the resources here before taking the plunge.

Remember, most men who make these changes will not need any medical intervention at all.

If you happen to be one of the very few who cannot boost levels on your own, then opt for the testosterone replacement therapy. This hormone is too important. Let levels fall too low, and you will suffer.

Testosterone Cyp

Testosterone Cypionate is the most commonly prescribed form of testosterone in the US. You'll rarely find cyp outside of the USA, as most places in the world use Testosterone Enanthate which is a very similar product.

I personally believe that cypionate is the best form of injectable testosterone. This particular testosterone ester has an active life of about 15 days, although blood levels will fall sharply five days after administration.

Typically, Cyp is injected into the muscle about once a week to avoid this rapid decline.

One of the downsides of cyp is that it causes more water retention than some of the more faster acting testosterone products. Water retention is a clear sign that you have elevated levels of estrogen in your system.

This means you need to be very diligent about keeping estrogen levels in check while injecting cypionate..

Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

Before you decide on a treatment plan, it's important that you take the time to educate yourself on your options. I've compiled a list of articles that covers the most common forms of male hormone replacement therapy.

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