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Testosterone Replacement Warning! One Man's Nightmare!

by Mark
(Rochester, NY)

Testosterone Replacement Warning!
One Man's Nightmare!


I feel I have been a guinea pig for the doctors.

They told me I needed to go on a Testosterone Replacement regiment.

They said I had low T levels and I really need it. They make tons of money prescribing these drugs.

What a markup!

I felt blessed I had health insurance but now I wish I never had it so I wouldn't have been able to afford this Androgel medication.

This stuff may give you some muscle mass but it is not worth messing up your liver for. They had no clue of the long term use of this junk.

I wish I had never taken it.

I have been using it for over ten years now and I have liver problems.

My HDL count is real low, I have bone density problems, and my Testicles have shrunk to almost nothing.

I have very high ferritin levels. I have pains all over my body. I blame all of these things on the androgel.

My recommendation to any one thinking about taking testosterone, is don't do it.

Testosterone Replacement Warning!
One Man's Nightmare!

Hi Mark,

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your experience here.

I used the word experience, but nightmare would probably be a better description.

Nightmare because this substance that was supposed to turn you into a better man, has had the exact opposite effect.

Your body has been terribly damaged, and I blame your doctors for that destruction.

The medical man, who was supposed to heal you has taken a bad situation, and made it much worse.

Sadly, he'll never see it that way...

If you were to go to him for help tomorrow, I can almost guarantee you, you'd leave his office with another prescription in your hand.

A prescription almost sure to bring on more negative side effects, more pain, more destruction.

Testosterone Replacement Warning!
One Man's Nightmare!

You certainly can't blame yourself for this nightmare, because you were following the advice of the "Experts".

The experts who seem to get it wrong just about every single time.

Of course that's my opinion, but I base that opinion on the emails I receive on a daily basis from men just like you.

Here's something interesting...

Not once has an email hit my box that said...

I've been on testosterone replacement therapy for 10 years, and everything is going great, I absolutely love it.

They usually go more like...

Help me get off this stuff, I'm in serious pain, I'm suffering, what should I do?

I can't give out medical advice Mark, but if I were in your shoes here's what I would do...

First, I'd fire my doctor immediately.

Then I'd go out and find another physician who practices naturopathic medicine.


Because these men of medical science rarely prescribe drugs or artificial hormones.

They get to the root of a problem, they treat the whole body...

In other words, they work to heal you....

And healing is exactly what you need right now.

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Testosterone Replacement Warning One Man's Nightmare to Boost Low Testosterone Levels

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