Testosterone Replacement Side Effects!

Testosterone Replacement Side Effects

15 Reasons Why You May, Or May Not, Want to Go On Testosterone Replacement!

  • Because I feel like my testicles are too big right now.
  • Because gyno doesn't sound so bad after all. If things got way out of hand, I could always go out a buy myself some cute little bras.
  • Because reduced sperm count isn't a problem for me, because I've never counted my sperm anyway.
  • Because girls find puss filled acne really attractive, especially when it covers the entire shoulder, neck, and back areas.
  • Because that puffed up, bloated, retaining water look is really in right now.
  • Because I don't need my liver that much. I mean glucose metabolism, bile production, protein synthesis, and toxin disposal aren't that important are they?
  • Because I really like it when my enlarged prostate makes it extremely difficult to pee at night.
  • Because my sleep apnea doesn't bother me that much, since I'm always asleep when it happens anyway.
  • Because I never really liked my hair that much. If it all falls out, I can always run out and buy a really cool looking toupee.
  • Because I like it when my aggressive, hostile behavior alienates my friends, family, and coworkers.
  • Because sexual highs and lows are a good thing, right? I mean, who wants to have sex all the time anyway.
  • Because elevated red blood cell count, increased heart attack and stroke risk are really fun things to have.
  • Because I love having intermittent erectile dysfunction and impotence issues. They add so much to my overall quality of life.
  • Because estrogen rebound is such a great thing! When it happens, I can always out cry my wife at the movies.
  • Because I really like it when my doctor leaves me sitting in his waiting room for an hour or more, because afterwords, I always get to go stand in line at the pharmacy.
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Testosterone Replacement Side Effects
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