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Testosterone in a Bottle! Libido Problems and Men!

by Don

Testosterone in a Bottle!
Libido Problems and Men!

Hi Mark,

I'm 42 and have low testosterone (230) and recent erectile dysfunction.

I have been taking tongkat ali and tribulus as directed on the label, and my tolerance built up for both products.

I recently bought Axis HT and wanted to clarify how I should use this product.

From what you suggest, I should not cycle this product with the six other T-Boosters that I have purchased, but rather use this product only as directed on the label until I see real results.

Then, stop taking it and cycle on a weekly basis with the other T-Boosters?

I exercise 3 times a week hitting a 100-pound heavy bag for six 3-minute rounds--a super high intensity workout.

Does this sound right?


Testosterone in a Bottle!
Libido Problems and Men!

Hi Don,

You've thrown a wild card onto the table....

Two of the main ingredients in Axis HT are tribulus and tongkat, the exact supplements you've built up a tolerance too.

This changes things up a bit...

What we've been doing lately with Axis is supplementing 3 days, then cycling off onto to some of the other natural testosterone supplements.

Axis is one of the few where you can push it for more than a day or so, because it's such a potent supplement.

A typical cycle would look like this...

Monday - Wednesday: Axis HT

Thursday: Mucuna Pruriens

Friday: Deer Antler Velvet

Saturday: Rhodiola Rosea

Sunday: Catuaba Bark

Rinse and repeat...

What you may have noticed is, tongkat and tribulus are not part of this cycle.

Adding these into the mix would bring on tolerance and the Axis, tribulus, and tongkat ali would all completely
stop working.

For all the new guys reading this, I've got to go over my cycling spiel one more time...

Always remember...

If you use any supplement too often, it will completely stop working for you.

Take your T boosters for one day, and one day only, then move on to the next.

Do this, and you'll avoid building up tolerance and your products will deliver the male hormones you're looking for, week in and week out.

Fail to do so, and you'll be in the same boat as Don is right now.

Testosterone in a Bottle!
Libido Problems and Men!

I've got some bad news for you Don...

You need to put the Axis-HT, Trib, and Tongkat on the shelf for a while, and only supplement with products that contain none of the above.

I'm not sure what other sex boosters you purchased, but you need to stick with them for at least 2 weeks.

A month would even be better...

After the break, shock your system with a full dose of Axis, then move onto the cycle described above.

Regarding your exercise routine...

It sounds great, but lacks variety, randomness, and chaos.

Throw in some jump squats, sprints, jump rope, and intense weight training a day or two a week.

Keep in mind...

You need to mix up your workouts just like you do your supplements, to prevent your body from adapting.

Make it a point to avoid ruts and routine in order to keep the body off balance, and guessing at all times.

This is the key to maximum gains in fitness, muscle, and male hormonal production.

Good luck!

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