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Testosterone Boosters That Work!

by Michael

Testosterone Boosters That Work!

Hi Mark,

Your site is having beneficial and life-enhancing effects on me, so my heart-felt thanks for that.

However, I am getting a little confused at the amount of info so I would like to ask a few questions:


You suggest taking a minimum of ONE different Testosterone Booster each day over 7 days.

I also read that its OK to take SEVERAL different supplements each day, (Tribulus + Tongkat Ali for example) - which is correct?


I also read that some members take maybe TEN different supplements over ten days...could this include 2 x Tongkat Ali, and 2 x Tribulus in the 10 day cycle?


Do you have a preference for a specific ORDER of taking the supplements over the 7 days?


Finally, could I take say double or triple the strength (ie mgs) for each of the supplements I take on any day?

Testosterone Boosters That Work!

Hello Michael,

The supplement combining can happen one of two ways...

You accumulate more than 7 Herbal Testosterone boosters,


You get to the point where you don't take your supplements 7 days a week.

Option number 2 should be your ultimate goal.

You'll find that once you get your body back into balance, bring your weight down to the optimal range, get your estrogen under control,


Place SHBG and aromatase levels firmly in check...your testosterone levels will begin to climb, automatically.

Once this happens, you can begin to take days off, and supplement only when you have an off day hormonally.

This is when numerous supplement combining options open up for you.

But keep in mind...

Supplement combining is not really necessary!

As a matter of fact, newbies would be better served if they stuck to the original plan early on.

If you feel like you need to experiment now, try supplementing with additional testosterone boosters instead.

I'll provide you with a few product suggestions at the end of this post.


In the future, no matter what supplement combinations you take, always make it a point to never use any of your boosters more often than once a week.

So for example, if you combine tribulus and tongkat one day, that's it for both those supplements for at least 7 days.

This is the lone rule that can absolutely never be broken, otherwise you'll build up a tolerance and your supplements will stop working.

Cycling T-Boosters

You asked if I Cycle my supplements in any specific order, and the answer to that question is no.

I change things up depending on how I feel, always keeping the 7 day rule in mind.


If I'm having an extremely low libido day, I usually pull out my tongkat ali.

Moody or slightly depressed, rhodiola rosea always does the trick.

Lacking in motivation or creativity, mucuna pruriens fix me up every single time.

After you use your supplements for a while, you'll discover exactly how each effects you.

You can use this experience to help you decide exactly what you need on any given day.

And Dosages?

Start with the recommendation on the bottle, and slowly work your way up from there.

Once side effects kick in...impatience, aggression, insomnia... back down just a bit and you'll have found your sweet spot for that supplement.

Testosterone Boosters That Work!


If you're ready to add to your stock of sex boosters, these are the products I'd recommend...


CDP-choline is one of my all time favorite supplements. It works in a fashion similar to Viagra, as it increases nitric oxide levels. N.O is the stuff that hard erections are made of, so those suffering erectile dysfunction will do well on this supplement.

It also increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which acts as a powerful sex booster and mood elevator. The icing on the cake is the nucleotide cytidine delivered by this product, which increases brain function, and mental sharpness.


Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide Co-E1 is a derivative of the B vitamin niacin.

This supplement delivers strong sex drive, and tons of energy within a half hour of so of use. The downside to this supplement is, tolerance develops very quickly. I take mine on an empty stomach, once every 10 days just to play it safe.

If you like a big boost of energy along with your sex drive, you'll enjoy the hit this supplement delivers.


Also goes by the name of potency wood. In South America this herb is often combined with catuaba bark, to create a powerful sex boosting combination. You can do the same at home, by taking both supplements together. Just make sure you reduce the dose of each, otherwise the hormonal hit can come on too hot and aggressive.

Women also do well on Muira Puama.


DMG, or dimethylglycine is a modified version of the amino acid glycine. This supplement increases choline, neurotransmitters, and hormone levels in the body an hour or so after supplementing.

Also acts as a powerful mood enhancer and energy booster.


Also goes by the name, Indian Ginseng.

The beauty of ashwaganda is, it can be taken at night without any insomnia worries.

This supplement has traditionally been used to restore male libido, treat impotence and boost male fertility.

Studies suggest that Ashwagandha is also effective in enhancing female libido and sex drive.

Testosterone Boosters That Work!
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