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by Marc

Thank you so much for your reply. I would like to know if it still would be OK for me to continue using the pine pollen tincture once per day?

I'm 43 and for some reason I've always had small testes all my life and been taking pine pollen for over a year now and my testes still look the same so they haven't gotten smaller or atrophied.

I must have always had Low Testosterone levels caused by genetically low LH since my mom had a hard time getting pregnant because my dad's sperm was weak.

Surprisingly, I've never had any Erection or ejaculation problems and still don't.

I started testing my testosterone level in my 30s without any supplementation and it was always 200 something and so I assume I was always on the low side in my teens and 20's.

Since I started taking pine pollen and DHEA 5 mg last year my testosterone level has been fluctuating between 450 and 550 so that's good news but I wish it were a bit higher but I won't complain since anything is better than my natural level of 200 something.

I really don't exercise and if I do it's only brisk walking for 30 mins so I know that doesn't help either. Do you think I would have to exercise to achieve a higher testosterone level? I guess the pine pollen and DHEA will just take me so far and that's it.

Since tribulus terrestis is the best LH enhancer would you take it every day along with the pine pollen tincture and DHEA? The Passion Rx. product is also a very good product but certain herbs in there tend to make me feel sedated such as ashwagandha and chrysin or passion flower extract.

Even DHEA over 5 mg as well as pregnenolone will also make me feel sedated all day long. So the only thing so far that sustains or increases my energy level is pine pollen tincture by Woodland Essence and DHEA 5 mg sublingual tab by Douglas Labs so what you think about adding the tribulus terristis?

Also, let me know the best brands and dosages you would use for pine pollen tincture and/or tabs, DHEA and tribulus terristis. I've pasted by original message below for your information:

Just wanted to know if it would be more effective to take Scots Pine Pollen tincture in very little water and hold it under the tongue and then swish it around the mouth for one minute before swallowing it?

I currently take 40 drops once per day in the morning and what would be the optimal dose to boost testosterone levels to where they should be which would be around 600 to 800?

Would you know the maximum number of drops one should take once per day in the morning? The pine pollen tincture does help boost my very low testosterone level of around 250-300 to around 400-500 so that's an improvement.

I believe the reason my testosterone level is low is because my LH (luteinizing hormone) is low. Have you heard of any supplement or tincture to boost LH?

I also would like to know the best brand of pine pollen tincture and tablets or capsules. I currently take both the pine pollen tincture from Woodland Essence and the tablets called Rulaifu at www.buychin

Thank you so much for all of this information.

Thanks once again for your help which is greatly appreciated.

Hello Marc,

I have not tested the various brands of pine pollen, so it would be tough for me to give you a recommendation.

As I mentioned in my earlier response to you, I think taking the pine pollen everyday is a bad idea.

You may get the testosterone, but your Testicles will pay the price.

I would suggest that you begin testing other Testosterone Supplements, until you can find 7 or so that you respond well to.

Cycle those, and combine them with High Intensity Exercise, and a Diet that will promote optimal testosterone production.

Good luck!


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