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Testosterone Boosters! Facts & Essential Dosage Information

by Jose

Testosterone Boosters!
Facts & Essential Dosage Information

Hi Mark,

I would like to know if I should distribute the dose of my T-Boosters during the day or should I take the whole dose in one sitting in the morning?

I have increased the dosages of my supplements per a previous recommendation that you gave me.

So far it is working well!

Sometimes I notice a bit of anxiety, but nothing to worry about.


Testosterone Boosters!
Facts & Essential Dosage Information

Hello Jose,

Here's how the Cycling plan works...

Take the maximum dose you can tolerate, without experiencing side effects, first thing in the morning.

After using the supplement once, drop it for at least 7 days before you take it again.

That's about all there is to it....

And the anxiety?

My suggestion is, don't tolerate it, even a little bit!

Anxiety to me means nervousness, fear, uncertainly, and panic..the exact opposite of what we want out of our supplements.

To shut these symptoms down cold, isolate the product that's causing you problems, and test the following.
  • Reduce the dosage until the anxiety disappears

  • Cut caffeine from all sources on days you use the product

  • Combine the offending supplement with Ashwagandha to take the edge off.

Testosterone Boosters!
Facts & Essential Dosage Information

If the sex booster loses it's kick due to any of the above, take the following steps to rev things back up again...
  • Edge for 5 minutes just before bed the night before you take your booster

  • When you dose up, chase the offending supplement with a full bottle of 5 hour energy

  • Upon waking, do a brief, high intensity leg workout before you eat any food whatsoever.
Make sure you take the exercise right to the lactate threshold...in other words, push hard until your legs really burn.

This will lead to an immediate, and substantial release of growth hormone into your blood stream.

Here are some exercises that will get you into that zone, fast.


-Jump rope

-Stair climbing


-Jump squats, which can be done in your bedroom before you hit the shower.

All of these routines can be done in under 5 minutes if time is tight for you in the mornings.


Follow the suggestions above, and you'll get plenty of T without the anxiety or nervousness.

And always remember...

If you ever experience negative side effects, you're doing something wrong.

If they show up again, come back here, educate yourself, and tweak things until you get it right.

Good luck!

Testosterone Boosters Facts & Essential
Dosage Information to Low T-Home

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