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Testosterone Boost

by Gerry
(Avon, CT)

Really enjoy your website. I am almost 50 year old male. I have been an active weightlifter most of my life.

Still have excellent limit strength for my age and size. At 5'9'' and 207 I have RAW limits of 320 in the bench press; 550 in the deadlift and 475 in the squat.

My cardio is high intensity cardio is accomplished on the Concept 2 rower and stationary bike.

About a year ago tested my testosterone levels for the first time as an adult because the sexual equipment was not working nearly as well as the past with frequent breakdowns.

T level was 402. Started taking Tribulus and then purchased Tonkat Ali from Singapore. Recently had a blood test and T level was 630. My father had prostate cancer in his early 50s.

My PSA and CRE Reactive blood tests have been consistently good.

I am convinced that higher T levels are better than lower T levels.

Would like to get my levels up to 800 as you suggest. Don't drink or smoke and get adequate sleep.



Hi Gerry

I think you responded so well to the two supplements because you're into high intensity exercise. It's a huge part of the equation in my opinion.

Based on your response to tribulus and tongkat ali, I'd bet that adding a few more Testosterone Boosters to the mix would put you right where you want to be.

Throw in a Ball Zinger-Penis Ring to enhance your erection strength and quality, and you'll be good to go for another 30 years.

Keep up the good work!

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