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Testicles and T Boosters

by Jason

Testicles and T Boosters

I know everyone is different but none of the comments here talk about Mucuna Pruriens.

Maybe because it's not very well know, I don't know. All I can say is I love this supplement.

I have a thing about shooting big loads, and I have bought all the ejaculation enhancing products out there including the expensive one endorsed by peter north. None of them really did much for me.

The mucuana puriens on the other hand caused my testicles to swell and my loads we're almost twice the size of normal, even though I was ejaculating at least twice a day because I have been so horny.

I stopped after day 2 like I was supposed to and I'm going to be careful and wait several days before I take it again

Tongkat is good, but it makes me too aggressive sometimes.

Goat weed did nothing, but it may have been because of the cheapie brand I bought.

In my book mucuna is the winner!

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