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Testicle Size and Heart Disease Risk

A list member sent me an article last week…

Here's the scary headline I saw when I clicked over
to have a look…

Men With Large Testicles More Likely to Suffer From
Heart Disease.

Science World Report came out with this doozy.

In the article the author quoted research out of the
University of Florence...

…where scientists measured the testicle size of 2,809

Then they looked at the data….

And compared testicle size with heart disease risk.

And they did find a correlation.

Bigger testicles slightly increased cardiovascular
disease risk.

But the researchers missed something:

A game changer.

Something you and I have been talking about for
almost 4 years…

Men with heart disease often experience a drastic decline in testosterone.

And by drastic I mean sub 300 in not uncommon.

So here's the rub…

When you drop that low your body doesn't just sit
around and ignore the disaster.

It goes into panic mode…

..and quickly floods your body with a Laundry List of pituitary hormones…

Luteinizing, follicle, antidiuretic, thyroid, prolactin

And this influx does lead to an Unnatural increase in
testicle size.

But this is a symptom. Not a cause.

The real cause is the heart disease that started this
discussion in the first place…

So much for those statistics.

This important information was not corrected for by
the researchers…

So the numbers in this study are meaningless for
most of us.

Unless you have a history of heart disease, that is.


If you take care of your cardiovascular system.

Exercise. Eat real food…

And keep your T levels out of the danger zone...

Your large testicles are a sign of Vitality. Masculinity.

Not Heart Disease.

So don't listen to the fools.

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