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Testicle Icing

by Mark

If you have low-t or if your ejaculation volume isn't where it should be…

You should be icing your testicles - because this technique elevates both.

The problem is, icing is a big hassle...

The dampness, the dripping, the discomfort, the secrecy…

But all this changed recently…

When a product that's been in development for years finally hit the market.…

It was designed as a natural fertility treatment, and it works like a charm.

The man who invented these had a child within 12 months of starting this, and he'd been trying for years

This fact alone should get your mind spinning like a top.

As for me, I'm not looking to create a baby…

So I'm using these as a form of natural hormone replacement, without any of the B.S.

And so should you.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the first pairs to to roll off the assembly line.

And I believe this is one of those rare things that virtually Every Single One of you should be doing….

Because if you can drop your testicular temp by a mere one degree celsius…

You're going to produce more T and more semen.

And if you do this on a regular basis, you're going to produce a lot more.

And I'll tell you men, these underwear make it reeeeal easy….

You get three gels packs, so when one warms up you simply pull it out and slip in another.

This takes a grand total of about 5 seconds.

I've been getting my icing in easily and I can tell you now, this thing works.

I'm going to send a follow up email outlining a few tricks and shortcuts I've learned since starting this.

In the meantime, get your hands on a pair because stock is limited.

And if history repeats itself…

They'll sell out quickly once this email goes outs to the 13K men on this list.

Here's the link.


P.S. I have a 34 inch waist and the large fits me perfectly.

If you use Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, etc, just go with your normal
size and you should be fine.

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