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Swimming Intervals!

Get A Swimmers Body With Pool Sprints!


I'm going to tell you a little story about myself today.

The timing is perfect because exercise is on the brain of many here since the e-course launched earlier this week.

This story is about a physical transformation that took place in my body many, many years ago.

It all started my freshman year in high school when I walked into the pool area the first day of water polo practice.

I applied, made the team and my physical transformation began.

Now remember, water polo is an interval driven sport.

You try to score on one end of the court, then sprint down and play some defense on the other.

In other words, sprint, stop, sprint, stop, sprint…

You could call this the perfect laboratory setting to test this high intensity interval training we've been discussing this week.

In my case the test was highly revealing!

This was truly driven home once our yearbook came out at the end of the year.

By the time it was released I had developed that bronzed and muscled V shape that all swimmers and water polo players acquire.

They don't call it a swimmers body for nothing!

water polo sprints

So I get my copy of the yearbook and immediately flip over to the page where our team photo was located…25 guys standing out by the pool naked from the waist up in tiny little speedos.

And I was stunned and embarrassed by what I saw!

You see, this photo was taken the same week I had joined the team, way before ANY transformation had taken place.

So there I stood right in the front row…a thin, pale, 155 lbs of OUCH!!

The photo was so bad and embarrassing I actually ripped it right out of my yearbook.

I was still moaning about the photo to my buddy when we hit the pool later that day to swim. (If you're going to be decent at water polo, you practice year around).

We were in the locker room walking toward the pool when he looks over at me and says…

Dude, look in the mirror you have nothing to be ashamed of!

And he was right!

That 155 lbs of "nothing much" had turned into 175 lbs of highly impressive physique.

175 pounds that would turn into 190 pounds by the end of my high school water polo career.

That's 35 pounds of almost pure muscle and lean body mass!

Needless to say, I had no more embarrassing team photos in my future.

Now, let's flash forward 20+ years to my 40th birthday when I found myself at a low point, physically and hormonally.

I knew I had to do something about my physical condition and the first thing that came to mind was the pool, for obvious reasons.

Now I hit that pool hard at least twice a week, rain or shine.

Swimming Intervals!
Get A Swimmers Body With Pool Sprints


I've been asked a lot recently what exercise I would recommend the most.

And I always say, if you have access to a decent sized outdoor pool, then start swimming!


  • You're much less likely to injure yourself in the pool
  • Swimming exercises the large muscles in your back giving you that attractive V look
  • Pool workouts get you outdoors in the sun soaking up the potent pro-hormone, vitamin D
  • The water creates a good deal of resistance which gives your upper body a solid muscle pump
  • You'll quite often find scantily clad females at the pool which never hurts in the male hormone department
  • And finally…I've found that nothing delivers a more potent HGH punch than a hard swim followed up by 20 minutes of sun exposure

If you're trying to decide how to workout in the coming weeks, find a pool in your area and create your own swimmers body.

If you purchased the course, now you know why I spent the first 4 minutes discussing and demonstrating sprint intervals in the pool.

I'm a huge fan!

If you haven't purchased the course yet, you'll find all the details HERE

The price goes up permanently on Tuesday, so don't hesitate!

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