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Stinging Nettle for Low Testosterone?

Stinging Nettle for Low Testosterone?

Just found this website. Very informative!

I've been looking for some natural supplements for increasing testosterone.

I am 26 years old and my free testosterone is only in the 400's.

I also suffer from fatigue and anxiety/panic attacks.

Is stinging nettle a good herb to try for this?

I had read that it blocks SHBG and lowers DHT as well. I only saw one or two reports of the herb causing man boobs or estrogen effects in a man. What are your thoughts?

Thank you.


Stinging Nettle works very well to balance hormones, so it's an excellent herb to take along with other natural testosterone boosters.

I've never heard of or experienced any estrogenic side effects with this supplement.

As a matter of fact, it works well to prevent these types of problems.

I use it to keep my estrogen/testosterone levels in balance when taking some of my more potent supplements.

For the anxiety and panic attacks, you may want to look into Rhodiola Rosea.. This herb has been used successfully to treat anxiety/panic attacks, depression, mental/physical fatigue, and focus.

Based on your email, it sounds like this may be just what you're looking.


Stinging Nettle for Low Testosterone
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Aug 19, 2015
Boosting Testostarone to the max using herbs
by: Anonymous

I use sting nettle root bulbine natalensis and mucuna with polyrachis mountain ant witch contains zinc for best results in increasing my test levels. And magnesium with omega 3

Sep 08, 2009
by: Mark


Vitex is made from Chaste Tree, the same herb that monks/priests used in the past to shut down libido, so they could maintain their vows of celibacy.

For that reason alone, I've completely avoided it, although I have given it to my wife to treat PMS symptoms in the past.

You asked what supplement you should take along with the nettle root. If I we're only taking one product, it would be Passion Rx.

This blend has several of the best sex boosting herbs that I recommend on this site.

You just need to exercise caution, and avoid the temptation to take it everyday.

If you do, you'll build up a tolerance, and the supplement will stop working.


Sep 07, 2009
Response and Correction.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your reply,

I wanted to make a correction. My TOTAL testosterone was in the 400's not free. Big difference. Sorry for that. Also, I was going to start off taking Stinging Nettle then add others in a little at a time. I just starting taking a formula of Stinging nettle that is standardized to 30 ppm scopoletin. Not sure if this formulation is proper for these purposes.

I've tried Rhodiola before, but I don't know if I had a good quality formulation, and perhaps didn't take it long enough. I may try this again.

I've only taken a couple doses of stinging nettle so far and wouldn't know if it is doing anything yet. I feel a very strong stimulant effect but I don't know if it something else I ate to cause this.

As far as other supplements I've been taking. Vitamin D3, Fish oil, Calcium Magnesium, and B12. I was initially looking at Zinc but I am unsure of how much to safely take and if I should get a formula that contains copper to balance things.

Also, what are your thoughts on Vitex? I ordered this and gave this to my girlfriend for irregular or missed periods, and it has worked wonders. If she stops problems start again. It would seem Vitex can affect males also. Not much info on this though, since it is mostly recommended for women.

What are your thoughts? If there one other supplement to take with stinging nettle what would it be? How long do you usually have to wait to see an increase in testosterone? I was going to have a blood test done again after a while to get an update.

Thank you so much for this site, and your information. Take Care!

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