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Soy or Meat?

Pass that Steak Baby!


High fat foods stimulate hormone production — especially testosterone.

But not "low fat" soy based products…

Soy actually alters the metabolism of estrogen in your body, leading to lowered testosterone production.

In one trial they took two groups of men and fed one animal protein and the other soy protein.

After the trial they found that the Testosterone / Estrogen ratio was 10 percent higher in the meat eating group.

And this was a very short trial!

I'm confident that gap would have been much higher if this study had lasted a year or more.

In another trial researchers compared the blood samples of meat eating and vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists.

The tests confirmed that the veggies had significantly lower levels of testosterone in their bodies compared to the carnivores.

One more study found that having red meat less than twice a week can cause zinc deficiency in men.

And just in case you haven't heard, low zinc levels will lead to reduced testosterone production inside those testicles of yours.

Oh yea, and before I forget, the phytic acid found in soy reduces assimilation of essential minerals including….Zinc! (Whoops!)

soy vs meat

Our final study looked hard at the link between semen quality and photoestrogens found in soy based foods.

Dr. Jorge Chavarro of the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston summarized his study beautifully with this…

"What we found was men that consume the highest amounts of soy foods had a lower sperm concentration compared to those who did not consume soy foods".

So what are you having for dinner tonight?

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