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Google-Affiliate Ad Disclosure!

I want every single one of my site visitors to know exactly how the advertising works on this website.

Full disclosure on my part will ensure that our relationship is built solidly, on trust and mutual respect, not deception, false advertising, or trickery.

There's already way too much deception on the web, and I have no intention of ever playing that game with my site visitors.

I respect you way too much for that!


You always have been, and always will be much more important to me, than any advertising dollar could or would be.

OK, let's get started...

Google Adsense!

First, I want to talk about the google ads you'll find near the top of many of my web pages.

The advertisers and ads you see on these pages are chosen by google, not myself.

I simply place the code on the page, and they do all the rest.

As you navigate through my site, please keep one very important fact in mind....

These are not links to other pages on my website!

They are links to outside advertisers who are looking for your business.

If you are not interested in the offer being presented in the ad, do not click it!


Because every time you click, the advertiser pays a fee to google, who in turn pays a fee to me.

Random clicking, without genuine interest, does a disservice to these advertisers, and to google as well.

It's also unethical, and in the long run, counter productive.

Affiliate Advertising!

To start, I'd like to make one point perfectly clear!

I never have, or never will accept free products from any company, advertiser, or individual.

Whenever I get an offer for a free supplement in exchange for a positive review, I turn it down cold.


Because if I accept free products, then go on to recommend them on the site, I've basically been bribed to do so, and I consider that unethical.

Keep in mind...

I've tried every single product I recommend on the site with very few exceptions.

And if I've tried a product, I've paid for it out of my very own pocket.

If I haven't tried a specific product, I always disclose that information in plain sight.

Good examples of this are fertility supplements and statin alternatives.

Both are products many of my site visitors need information on, but which I have no use for myself.

The Tip Jar!

I get asked quite often, why don't you put a tip jar up on your site?

Here's why that will never happen...

It just doesn't feel right!

In my opinion, this is just another form of begging, and in all honesty, I don't need the money that badly.

In situations like this, you always need to go with your gut, and my gut tells me it's not the right thing to do.

If you really do want to support this website, do what most of the old timers around here do.

Click-through my website whenever you need to purchase supplements.

The company I recommend on the site is exact same the company I use to purchase my own products.

In terms of cost, quality, and service, I've found no better source than this supplier.

The fees they refer to me cover some of the costs needed to run this website, and this is how you can support me and my efforts.

My efforts to continue delivering relevant, high quality articles on topics that are important to you.


If you feel uncomfortable with this arrangement for any reason, I will not hold it against you.

Simply click through to the suppliers directly, and you'll side step this issue entirely.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, feel free to contact me at anytime.

I have a 100 percent open door policy on this subject, and will be happy to discuss it with any one of my site visitors, at anytime.


I want to thank you for being a loyal visitor to this site.

Your overwhelming support and encouragement is what makes all the time and effort I put into this website worthwhile.

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