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Siberian Ginseng for Libido Enhancement

by Chris

Siberian Ginseng for Libido

Hey there everyone. I posted earlier about stinging nettle. I since have done some research because I also wanted to boost my adrenal glands.

I came across people recommending Siberian Ginseng. Anyone have experience with this particular ginseng?

It is suppose to have many different properties, one of them being increased reproductive capacity.

I assume that this must mean it has some affect on male hormones. I just purchased a standardized extract so I will post an update after I have tried it for a while.

Also, for those of you who use Chrysin, do you also use a black pepper extract with it? The bio availability is suppose to be really low when taken by itself.

Hi Chris!

I haven't written much about Ginseng, but I do use it. Like all my other supplements, I cycle it on a regular basis.

I have 3 different ginseng products that I use...

Panax Red Ginseng

Tienchi Ginseng

Siberian Ginseng

I don't normally get a strong hormonal hit with these herbs, but I do experience elevated mood, increased energy,sharper thinking, and a mild increase in libido.

I find it helps a lot when I have to perform heavy mental tasks, such as writing on complex or unfamiliar subjects.

I know that the Siberian is a different plant than regular ginseng, but I find the effects to be similar.

I take huge breaks between doses with this herb, because I only use it once a week, and I rotate between the 3 different varieties I use.

This means I have a 3 week gap between doses.

Regarding the Chrysin, I've purchased varieties with and without black pepper extract and haven't noticed much of a difference.

Your mileage may vary.


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Siberian Ginseng for Libido
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