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Shilajit! Libido, Testosterone, & Sex Drive!

by Chris


I'm 18 and I'm suffering from low testosterone.

I already have a few natural libido supplements that I bought to cycle, but I found in my cabinet a supplement called shilajit.

I researched it, and its known to be good for libido and sex drive.

I was wondering if you've heard of it and though it was good to cycle?

Shilajit! Libido, Testosterone, & Sex Drive!

Hi Chris,

Shilajit does have a reputation as a libido enhancer.

There's actually a bit of it in Passion Rx, which happens to be my favorite sex booster at the moment.

A while back I went on a tangent, and dug deep all around the net, looking for reliable information on this supplement.

Most of the sites I came across were selling the stuff, and were full of the typical, hyped up, BS found all over the web.

At the end of my journey, I came away with more questions than answers.

For example...

The product goes by at least 3 separate spelling...

Shilajeet, Shilajit, and Salajit.


There are questions as to exactly where and how this product is harvested.

Some claim it's an extract from the plant, Styrax officinalis Linn.

Others say it's a thick oozing paste, that comes out of rocks high up in the Himalayan Mountains.

Sounds strange and confusing, huh?

Welcome to the club!

My suggestion is, make sure your product comes from a reliable source.

If it checks out, and you feel comfortable in that department, take a decent sized dose on an empty stomach, and see how you feel.

If you get juiced, I say, go ahead and add it into your cycle.


Log onto your computer, and tell me all about it.

I'm dying to know!

Thanks for you question!

Shilajit Libido Testosterone & Sex Drive to
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