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Sex and Chemotherapy

by Steve

Sex and Chemotherapy

Hi Mark,

I'm a 63 year old male who went through several months of chemo, 6 years ago, after having the left lower lobe of my lung removed which contained a small cancerous tumor.

I am happy to say I was told I beat the cancer and remain cancer free. Here's my problem. I have been to several doctors who all tell me that my poor sex drive and everything that goes with it is due to the chemotherapy I received and that it is the lesser of two evils!

I'm supposed to be happy with this but I'm not. My recent testosterone level is 229. I have decided to try treatment once again.

I went through the patch, and the gel about 5 years ago. I never completed either one because I had the attitude that it wasn't working. I have been married to a wonderful woman for 36 years who has been very understanding about NOT having sex.

Well guess what? I'm NOT!

I'm considering the hormone or whatever they are, injections but have not started them. My question is, is there anyone else out there who has the same problem? And if so how are you dealing with it or better yet did you get help, did it work?

I hate that I have absolutely NO interest in sex!!!


Thanks for listening,

Sex and Chemotherapy

Hello Steve,

This definitely goes beyond my level of expertise, so I'm hoping that someone who's gone through this, will jump in here and help you out.

All I can say for now is, I feel for you buddy! I've experienced a bit of what you're going through now, and I know how tough it can be.

Keep your chin up, and I'll spread the word for you.

Good luck!

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