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Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men!

Testosterone & Confidence

Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men

Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men!

What does a site about boosting testosterone have to do with self esteem?

Quite a bit, based on my experience.

Let me explain...

Everyday, somewhere around 50 emails wind up in my inbox, mostly from men who've taken a major hit in the testosterone department.

When I read these emails, I'm always struck by the fact that many of these guys come across as...and I hate to say this...but helpless.

Think about it...

There's almost a thousand pages of content on the site, explaining in excruciating detail, exactly what needs to be done to overcome this problem.

But I still get emails every single day that go something like...

I have really Low T, can you please tell me what I should do?

These messages used to really irritate me, because I've spent thousands of hours in front of my keyboard, answering that exact question!

But I don't get irritated anymore...

This all changed when I took the time to sit back and reflect on these men for a while.

Now instead of irritation, I can honestly say, I feel sympathy...

Sympathy, because one of the primary symptoms of low self esteem is indecisiveness.

The inability to look at the facts, make a decision, and then get up and take action.

As a man who now has copious amounts of T cursing through my veins, I couldn't relate to this mind set.


Because testosterone leads to decisive behavior, not the other way around.

If anything, I make my decisions too quickly now.

After reflecting on all this for a while, I thought back to when I was suffering through low testosterone.

After really thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that, back then, I probably would have sent out that email as well.

Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men!
Testosterone & Confidence

Here's the bottom line...

Get more testosterone moving through your veins, and you're going to be a more confident man.


You don't blow the force!

And by blow the force I mean, waste your new found energy, and motivation on booze, cheap women and internet porn addiction.

I hate to admit this, but many men who follow the protocols on this site wind up following this path.

Here's an example of an email I see several times a month...

Hi Mark, my sex drive has gone way up, but I'm masturbating 3 or 4 times a day now, is that OK?

My answer is, no, it's not OK!

The goal here isn't, get your hormones dialed in, then spend half your life locked up in a dark room looking at two dimensional images on your computer screen.

Your goal is to take the gift you've been given and create an amazing life for yourself.

Build a business, meet the woman of your dreams, transform your body into something you can be extremely proud of.

These are all self esteem building activities, while the computer and the dark room, will only tear your self esteem down.

Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men!
Testosterone & Confidence

Action, accomplishment, and achievement are all things that breed confidence in a man.

So use them to your advantage!

From here on out, forget about your past, your childhood, your parents, and all the other emotional baggage in your life.

Instead, find a THING that motivates you, then get up and go after it with everything you've got.

Then, as the wins begin to accumulate in your life, watch very closely as the confidence and self esteem waters begin to rise.

Remember, you can't change the past, but you most certainly can change the future.

Place your focus on what lays ahead, forget about all the negativity from the past, then get on with the business of life.

Self Esteem Questionnaire for Men!
Testosterone & Confidence

Here's the questionnaire..

  • Do you expect very little out of yourself?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a phony, fake or imposter?
  • Are you overly concerned about what other people think?
  • Do you have difficulty saying no or asserting yourself?
  • Do you often engage in negative or critical inner dialog?
  • Do you boast or exaggerate in order to build yourself up?
  • Are you overly sensitive, do you take things too personally?
  • Do you regularly experience feelings of guilt, shame, or fear?
  • Are you ashamed of your looks, do you have body image problems?
  • Are you shy, introverted and quiet, do you have poor social skills?
  • Do you often procrastinate, put things off, or fail to finish projects?
If you answered yes to 5

or more of the questions listed above, you most likely do have a self esteem problem.

Now that the correct diagnosis has been made, it's time for you to go to work.

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