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Passion Rx Information!

by Fred
(Ottawa, Canada)

Hello Mark,

I really appreciate all the information you posted on this site. They are so informative, exciting and promising, I have already placed my first order of the Testosterone Boosters you recommended.

I have one question, however, regarding to the 7-day cycle of using each type of supplement: On day 7, you suggest Passion Rx.

The ingredients include Tongkat Ali and Catuaba.

Now, If I am taking Tongkat Ali on Day 1, Catuaba on Day 3, and Passion Rx which contains these 2 ingredients on Day 7, would I not be taking a break of these 2 ingredients for less than 7 days, breaking the once-a-week cycle rule?

Passion Rx Information

Hello Fred,

Good question!

I've covered this a couple of times recently, but couldn't locate the pages, so I'll go over it again.

To prevent tolerance build up after using Passion Rx,
I do a couple of things.

First, I take a day off supplements entirely the day after using it.

After you've been supplementing for a while, you'll find that you will experience a hangover effect when you take a day off.

In other words, even though you haven't taken a sex booster that day, you'll still wake up with plenty of energy, motivation, and sex drive.

This is especially true after using Rx.

Second, when I do go back onto the cycle, I'll use herbs not in the Passion Rx ingredient list for a couple of days.

Good examples are deer antler velvet, mucuna pruriens, and rhodiola rosea.

After that break, I'll jump back onto the cycle once again.

So far, this has worked out great for me, and several of my regular site visitors, with no tolerance issues whatsoever.

It may have to do with the fact that the Rx has small amounts of several sex boosters.

When you go back to the single ingredient supplement, at a much higher dose, the body pays attention, and delivers the goods you're looking for.

Hope that helps!


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