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Paleo Diet Carbohydrates

by Mark Wilson

The paleo diet movement has gone whacko...

Cave men across cyber space have all of a sudden
fallen in love with carbohydrates…

One primal blogger was so excited about the news
he dumped the whole thing...

And went flown blown vegetarian.

Now there's an about-face if I've ever seen one.

But there's a slight problem with this new carb orgy
happening in paleo land...

It may kill you.

And not because mashed potatoes have it out
for you…

But because you may be broken.

I'm broken. And I've proven that for a fact.

You see...

Six months ago - after reading the news I decided to
jump on this carb bandwagon myself.

Even though I knew better.

I switched out the avocado that usually sits next to my

And ate hefty portions of sweet potatoes, plantains
and cassava instead…

Then I pulled out my blood sugar meter. And my

And I tracked the situation.

After a weeks time. When I was Still seeing 200 plus
on the glucose meter…

And I looked and felt like total crap.

I pulled out my brain again. And cancelled the

Like I said. I'm broken.

So now I KNOW that if I continue to eat carbs with
reckless abandon….

I'm going to die way ahead of schedule.

Because you can't get away with wild blood sugar
swings like this...

Without creating Massive inflammation inside the body.

And remember:

The grim reaper Loves inflammation.

Because inflammation gives him all kinds of excuses to
take you out.

Cancer and heart disease are his two favorites..

But the list goes on and on.

So you need to ask yourself…

Are you broken?

If you are you better be backloading your carbs...

Or avoiding them altogether.

I've tried it both ways…

And I prefer backloading.

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