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Over the Counter Testosterone!

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Over The Counter Testosterone!
Pine Pollen & Male Hormones!

You can't buy pure testosterone powder, pellets, creams, or gels over the counter, but you can buy substances that contain significant amounts of testosterone naturally.

The most potent of these is...

Pine Pollen!

Pine pollen contains extremely high levels of steroid like substances.

The most potent of these are the brassinosteroids.

These compounds act as powerful growth stimulants in plants.

In pine forests, surrounding plants feed off these pine brassinosteroids in order to promote rapid growth.

Pine Pollen & Testosterone!

These plant steroids are very similar in structure to the steroids found in humans and other mammals.

In our system they become intimately involved in the biosynthesis of testosterone itself.

But it gets even better...

Pine pollen actually contains significant amounts of bio-active DHEA, androsterone, and testosterone.

The total amount of testosterone in the pine species P. tabulaeformis is 27 nanograms per 0.1 grams of dry weight.

Remember, it only takes 4 nanograms of testosterone to change the sex of a fetus into a male during development in the womb.

Studies have proven the potency of the androgen's in pine pollen.

Female fish and amphibians living down stream from pine pulp mills, develop male sex organs and other male characteristics due to the high levels of androgens in the water.

I recommend you use this as an occasional sex booster, when you really need or want a big hit in the testosterone department.

Take it once a week to avoid tolerance issues, which always occur when you use any natural supplement too often.

To fill in the gaps between doses, use Natural Testosterone Boosters which you can cycle to avoid tolerance issues.

How do you take it!

Pine pollen is still pretty rare in the US, although it's growing in popularity.

The easiest way to get a hold of it now is on ebay. Several sellers carry pine pollen in tablet form.

To avoid metabolism by the liver, chew the tablet, place the paste under your tongue, and let it absorb through your mucus membranes directly into your blood stream.

You should feel a significant hormonal surge within about 20 minutes.

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