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Need More Testosterone! Feeling Wimpey & Emotional

by Anonymous

Need More Testosterone! Feeling Wimpey & Emotional!

Hello Mark,

I am a 49 year old male and I've found out that my testosterone levels are very low.

I find I suffer from many of the side effects of low T: lack of confidence, low self esteem, low motivation, lack of energy, man boobs, increased weight, the list goes on.

I even find I am very indecisive and shamed to say somewhat wimpy and emotional.

I have the budget to get the seven supplement regimen you suggest.

However, if I stretch it I can budget for even more.

For example, if I went with the $395 regimen how do you cycle? Is it the same as for the other regimen i.e one per day.

My final question:

Passion Rx and Axis HT are combination supplements, how do you cycle these with the other T-Boosters without having the tolerance you warn about?

As you can see, I am anxious to get started but want to do it correctly from the start so as not to have any side effects and tolerance issues you talk about.

Thanks, in advance for your response, Mark. Your site has been a godsend.

PS I would rather remain anonymous.


Need More Testosterone!
Feeling Wimpey & Emotional

Hello Anonymous,

I've discovered that more supplements usually leads to more confusion on the users end, unless that user is paying very close attention.

That's why I recommend that most start off with the original 7 supplements, then expand from there.

These 7 will do the trick for just about everyone, so the additional expense and confusion are usually unnecessary early on.


I can tell from your message that you've taken a lot of time digesting the information on my site, plus you come across as a smart guy.

So, I'll go ahead and spell it all out for you.

If you're going to go beyond the original 7 testosterone boosters, you have to follow a couple of rules.

We'll use Axis HT to demonstrate...

This supplement has two ingredients found in our list of 7 supplements...

Tongkat Ali & Tribulus Terrestris.

So, if you were to take Axis HT on Monday, how would you avoid tolerance with these two supplements in the days following?

Easy...you'd simply follow a longer cycle, which would go something like this...

- Tue: Catuaba Bark

- Wed: Rhodiola Rosea

- Thurs: Yohimbe Bark

- Fri: Horny Goat Weed

- Sat: Antler Velvet

- Sun: Somatosome HGH

Moving onto the following week...

- Mon: Tongkat Ali

- Tue: Tribulus Terrestris

- Wed: Catuaba Bark

- Thurs: Rhodiola Rosea

- Fri: Yohimbe Bark...etc...etc...

Need More Testosterone!
Feeling Wimpey & Emotional

Keep in mind, the above list assumes that you'd be supplementing everyday, which I don't recommend.


Because once you get rolling, you'll have days where you wake up feeling it already....

Strong morning erections, energy, motivation, sex drive, etc.

When this happens, take a pass on the supplements to created bigger gaps between your doses.

This opens up more options, more possibilities, especially with the combo products.


Keep in mind that the combination products are the gravy, the icing on the cake.

You typically want to use them on days when you really want a big hormonal hit.

Having sex with your woman tomorrow?

Good...pull out the passion RX, and go to town.

Job interview, public speaking engagement, or a confrontation with your loud mouth neighbor?

Pull out the Axis HT and light it up!


I go into more detail on cycling Passion RX on my site, which you can find HERE.

Digest this information, play by all the rules above, and you'll avoid tolerance issues for the duration.

Thanks for your questions!

Need More Testosterone Feeling Whimpy
& Emotional to Boost Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Dec 28, 2010
Testosterone for a 50 Year Old
by: Stephen

I'm interested too in this 7-supplement regimen. I'm in my 50's already and been experiencing a slump for the past couple of years.

I don't know if it's with the age or if something can still be done. My wife has left me, my sex drive is nil.

I'm going to seek doctor's advice and then I'll see if I'm a good candidate for this regimen. Thanks a lot for his informative site!

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