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I went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant Thursday night…

I was there with my wife. And two other couples.

I knew one pair real well. But the other I met for the first time that night.

The wife was very pretty. Quiet. And sweet.

But the husband was big. Loud. And kind of irritating.

He also fancied himself as a heath expert. Despite the fact that he was sitting at a solid 250.

But I played it cool…

And kept my mouth shut while he blabbered on about skinless this. And low fat that.

Then our food hit the table…

And my medium rare steak. With TWO sides of guacamole caught his attention….

Attention fueled by the four lemon drop martinis he'd already downed by that time.

And he looked over at me…

Standing two inches taller than him. And 55 pounds lighter.

And said….

All that fat isn't good for you Mike. You're going to die of a heart attack.

(It ain't Mike buddy, it's Mark)

Not the kind of thing you say to a guy who prides himself on maintaining high levels of testosterone.

I'd been challenged. In front of three women. So SOMETHING was going to happen (:

My wife grabbed my leg under the table. Basically saying, please don't do it Mark.
But it was too late.

Before I knew it I'd fired off these words of wisdom…

I'll take my real food over the 60 grams of sugar you just downed in those four chick drinks.

And you may feel good about those two dry chicken breasts you ordered…

But that pound of white rice sort of kills the deal, don't you think?

Before he had time answer, his sweet wife jumped in for the verbal save..

Don't listen to him Mark. He'll be eating ice cream before the night is over.

We all cracked up.

It was actually really funny. I'm getting my leg squeezed under the table.

His girl is jumping in with the quick wit to diffuse a potentially negative situation.

You gotta love how socially intelligent women are in these situations.

Let me just say it right here. I love women.

Anyway, by the time the meal was over, the meat and two sides of guac had done their magic...

And you couldn't have paid me in cash to go home and eat ice cream at that point.

But if I had eaten two dry chicken breasts. A plateful of bland rice. 60 grams of sugar. And 4 shots of vodka…

I'd be looking for the Rocky Road the minute I hit the front door.

I'm going to close this out now with a challenge to you…

Why don't you get rid all that bad diet advice you've been given over the years…

Just evacuate it from your mind.

And when you're finished. Consume the info in my Diet Course.

Then do some mental reprogramming.

Make this bold move. A move only one in 10 men are willing to make.

And I'll send you my Exercise Course. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

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