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Native Americans Vegetarians?

by Mark Wilson

There's a health food store 4 miles from my house...

And almost every time I go there I get into a debate
with a guy who works there…

A full blooded American Indian who's forgotten the
ways of his people…

He dropped the buffalo meat entirely. And became a
full time eater of plants.

AKA a card carrying vegan vegetarian.

But he's a real nice guy…

So I've almost taken him on as a side project.

I feel like a missionary trying to save a soul from eternal

Because you can tell just by looking at him that he's sick.

But that's not the only reason I've latched on to this guy.

You see, my family won't admit it…

But I'm positive my grandmother was part American Indian.

My cousins used to whisper about it. But not the older

She married my grandfather 80 years ago and back then
mixing blood wasn't cool.

So it was all hush hush.

Because of this I see a little of myself in this misguided

Because I know for a fact that he and I share some
common blood…

Blood that wasn't exposed to old world foods until very

Foods that often do really strange things to people like us.

For example:

He has a facial tick problem. He blinks too fast, too much
and too hard…

And it looks funny.

And like most vegetarians he's big on whole grain wheat
because it's healthy, right?


Those "healthy" whole grain wheat products spilling off
every shelf in his store…

Contain a substance called phytic acid.

And whole wheat contains way more of this stuff than
refined wheat does.

So our man is getting a ton of phytic in his diet.

Problem is, this acid blocks the absorption of magnesium
in humans.

Plant eaters like cows and sheep produce an enzyme called
phytase that neutralizes phytic acid.

But humans produce very little of it.

Especially those given genes that have no experience
dealing with this anti-nutrient.

Like the American Indians.

And here's what he doesn't understand…

Facial tics are usually caused by magnesium deficiency.

So that whole grain wheat that he believes is so healthy
is actually damaging his health.

But if he'd just go back to his old ways….

And start eating like the warriors who ruled over the
American continent for 14,000 years..

Then drastically reduce the consumption of foods that
his ancestors never even tasted…

Like wheat.

He would have no deficiencies at all.

So he'd look better. He'd feel better….

And his facial tic's would be disappear faster than you
could say the word veggie burger.

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