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More proof that body fat is a testosterone killer…

by Mark


Scientists tracked 24 obese men who had all had
bariatric surgery.

And just so you know…

Bariatric surgery shrinks the stomach...

This limits the amount of food that can be eaten
at one sitting.

12 months after the surgery the men lost 27 percent
of their body weight. On average.

After all the fat was gone. The scientists checked their
hormone levels.

Then those numbers were compared to the ones taken
prior to the weight loss.

Here's what the scientists discovered…

Each man experienced a significant increase in total
AND free testosterone.

Along with a substantial decrease in circulating estrogen

And this pro-masculine hormone profile remained intact for a full year after the weight had come off.

So this wasn't a temporary thing. No way...

The facts clearly demonstrated this:

You keep the weight off. Your testosterone will go up. And your estrogen will go down.


This shift in hormones. That occurred without a drug in sight. Left the scientists scratching their heads.

They expected a little movement. But not this much.

But there was no head scratching going on in my

...because I've seen this hormonal shift take place a million times.

And I know that once a man begins to move away from
fat. And towards muscle…

His body will reward him instantly...

And the currency will be paid in PURE testosterone.

No scalpels. No sterile white rooms.


Order my Exercise Course today. And I'll send you my
Diet Course. On the house.

Order one. You get both.

Stomach shrinking surgery not required.

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