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Morbid Obesity Statistics! Body Fat & Premature Death

by John

Morbid Obesity Statistics! Body Fat & Premature Death!

Hi Mark,

I first wanted to let you know that this is a great site and I have saved it in my bookmarks.

But I have a problem...

I am overweight, 5'8 and 244 pounds, with almost no money to buy supplements or equipment to help me lose weight.

I am like you in regards to natural weight loss and I love the recommended sprint exercise.

I love it so much that I hurt my legs in the process, but I'm still running despite that.

I wanted to know, what can a guy do to lose fat besides diet and sprints?

Morbid Obesity Statistics
Body Fat & Premature Death

Hello John,

What you eat is more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss...

And looking at your numbers, I can tell you have some serious issues in the food department.

You see, five feet eight and 244 pounds tells me you've joined a very special club.

The only club on the face of the earth that can lay claim to the following...

We are the leading cause of preventable death, worldwide.

That club would be the the morbidly obese, and you happen to be a card carrying member!

So what does this mean to you?

Well, how about this for starters...

Severe obesity reduces life expectancy by a whopping 10 years.

And it does so by dramatically increasing your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, cancer, stroke, and just about any other negative health condition you can think of.

Morbid Obesity Statistics
Body Fat & Premature Death

You injured yourself running sprints, which doesn't surprise me even a little bit.

You're in no condition to be doing sprints, or any other type of high intensity training at this point in your life.

You need to start slow, as in walking, cycling and low impact weight training.

The intense stuff needs to come after you've lost some weight, under the supervision of a doctor you trust.

Finding a doctor you trust may prove to be as difficult as the weight loss, but I digress...

But first, you need to get control of your diet!

You need to terminate your addiction to refined carbohydrates, starting today.

How do I know you're addicted?

Because a guy your size does not get to almost 250 without some serious carb issues.


Your very life depends on you getting control of this situation.

Follow the link below and get started now...

The Paleo Diet

Morbid Obesity Statistics Body Fat & Premature
Death to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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