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Money Worries and Stress Hormones

by Mark

Stress will suck the life right out of you….

Especially money type stress.

The kind that comes from being a consumer of things instead of a

Because consuming only works if you've got money to burn.

But if you don't have tons of cash of lying around….

And you're out there financing televisions, cars and women
on borrowed time…

You're a slave.

And you've given away something a billion times more valuable
than gold.

Your time.

Because somebody had to pay off those debts, right?

And if you signed on the dotted line, that somebody is YOU.

This kind of stress is a man killer…

In this scenario your body responds like a prey animal, from a
hormonal point of view…

The lion is on your heels looking to rip your throat out...

And your body is pumping out stress hormones like there's no

So you're living a life of fear, agitation and anxiety.

But unlike the prey animal who's stress ends quickly after the kill
or the escape, this type of stress is chronic.

And chronic stress ruins a man hormonally.

But the lion isn't running away from anything.

He's in pursuit of a goal…

And he's using his wit, his intelligence and physical prowess to achieve
his objective.

This creates stress too, but less of the Flight kind and more of the Fight.

And this pursuit type stress creates homeostasis, or balance in your

Because the gonads are always involved when you're chasing something

And the steroid hormones the gonads produce….

Counteract the adrenaline and cortisol pumped out by your hypothalamus
during stressful events.

This is what creates hormonal homeostasis in a man.

And you should always be on the lookout for opportunities to challenge
yourself in this way.

And you can easily achieve this objective….

All you have to do is stop running and turn around and fight.


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