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Metformin And Testosterone

by Chuck

Hi Mark,

I am currently on three medications...

A heavy dosage of Metformin. A heavy dosage
of Lipitor.

And Allopurinol for Gout.

I have some work to do before I can get off
the meds.

Any recommendations on what I can do to
convince my doctor
to eliminate them?

Hi Chuck,

Metformin is a known testosterone killer.

This agent will suck the life out of you. Obliterate
you hormonally.

And this fact proves it:

Women with high testosterone are given the drug. To
bring T levels down as quickly as possible.

And it works...

After a few doses the voice stop deepening. Facial
hair growth stops...

Masculinity gets put in check. And our girl becomes
more feminine.

Need I say more?

But doctors give this drug to Men for another reason:

To control type 2 diabetes.

Even though type 2 can often be beaten with diet and
exercise alone.

Now let me ask you a question...

Did your doctor mention this important piece of

Before he handed you the script?

That piece of paper that crushed you hormonally?

If not that would be my first question to him…

"Hey doc, why did you give me this chemical?

You could have just had me put the ice cream
down and go for a walk instead.

And here's another question…

Why the Lipitor?

Statins don't reduce mortality Unless you're already
sick with heart disease…

And I'm not.

But they Do reduce testosterone.

So I need to know…

Why did you sacrifice my T like this?

There was no medical reason for it. So why did it

And one more thing….

You know the Gout I've been dealing with…

That disease that has made my life a Living Hell?

Well, I just found out that Gout is a potential side
effect of statin use.

So if I lose the statins. I may lose the gout…

Then I'll be able to drop all 3 of your medications.

That's my goal doc.

You got me into this. Now you get me out.

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