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Men's Facial Hair! Testosterone & Beard Growth!

by David

Men's Facial Hair! Testosterone & Beard Growth!

Hey, Mark,

I've recently been exploring the possibility that I have low testosterone - and probably always did. Not severely low but less than average.


I've never grown much facial hair except for patches on my neck and a peach fuzz mustache.

I was very skinny as a youth...6'3" & 135 pounds till my mid 20's when I consciously made an effort to eat and lift weights.

I had an adequate but never powerful sex drive or particularly long lasting, hard erections.

But when I was 27 or so, this started to go downhill.

I was never that into sports, etc.

I even had jaw surgery to lengthen an underdeveloped mandible and chin bones, which are heavily influenced by testosterone from what I understand.

So, I am starting to suspect that my body just never produced much T to begin with.

Currently, I am about to turn 33 and things have gotten worse. There has been a real decrease in erection strength and frequency.

Sometimes I wake up with huge erections, other times nothing at all. I've also noticed a lot of short term memory problems that were never there before.

My sex drive is non existent but I'm not sure if that's because I don't want to deal with another sexual episode wrecked by impotence or because it really is low.

All of this is starting to bother me a lot.

Anyway, my question is this:

If I begin Boosting My Testosterone, is there a genetic limit for me?

It sounds like some men can get back to a point where they were producing 800+.

But if I never did that in the first place, is that even possible for me?

What do you think?

Men's Facial Hair! Testosterone & Beard Growth

Hi David,

I'm not sure if there's a genetic limit or not, but I do know this...

You can take what you have now, and improve on it.

You can make moves that will get you back into the hormonal zone you were in prior to the age of 27.

Since you're only 33 now, that shouldn't be too tough to do.

Just be realistic...

You're never going to be that guy who walks into a room, smelling like testosterone.

You know the type of guy I'm talking about....

Natural V shape, heavy beard, squared up jawline, thick neck, big adams apple...

That's not you at all, but that's OK.

You can still pack on more muscle than you have now, and carry yourself in an extremely confident manner.

You can be sure of yourself...you can be one of the rare few, who knows exactly what he wants out of life.

Knows what he wants, and has the motivation to actually get up and do something about it.


Action, confidence, and achievement, all fuel the fires that get testosterone production moving again.

So do yourself a very big favor right now...

Get up, dust yourself off...and go after the protocols described on this site.

Cycle Herbal Testosterone Supplements

Build Muscle - Burn Body Fat

Keep Estrogen Levels in Check

Practice Edging-Ejaculation Control

Eat Foods that Promote Testosterone Production

That's really all it takes, David...

Treat your body right, then make it a point to control every single thought that runs through your brain.

Do these things, and your body will reward you with all the testosterone you'll ever need.

Good luck!

Men's Facial Hair Testosterone & Beard Growth
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