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Male Sexual Stimulation! How to Avoid a Hormonal Crash

by James

Male Sexual Stimulation!
How to Avoid a Hormonal Crash

Hi Mark,

Love this site, thanks for putting it up to help all us guys.

Just want to ask about testosterone levels and orgasms/ejaculating.

When I masturbate and orgasm, I often stop myself from ejaculating by pressing the area of my prostate under my testicles.

I still get the same contractions and thus the orgasm, but I do not actually ejaculate.

I'm just wondering whether this will cause my testosterone levels to fall once I've had the orgasm, or if I'll get the same hormone boosting effects as edging as you describe in your site?

Especially as I edge before I get to orgasm anyway.


Male Sexual Stimulation!
How to Avoid a Hormonal Crash

Hi James,

When you take yourself right to the brink but stop just prior to ejaculation, you accomplish two important things.

First, you switch on the hormonal fires, which launch you into in a highly sexed up state.

And a highly sexed man most certainly has plenty of male hormones running through his veins.

Second, when you hold off and don't release at the end of your session, you avoid the refractory period.

That physical state right after an orgasm, where the neurohormones oxytocin and prolactin are released into the blood stream, followed up by a rapid decline in testosterone.

It's that rapid decline in T we're looking to avoid.

Male Sexual Stimulation!
How to Avoid a Hormonal Crash

Think about it...

When you Edge but do not ejaculate, your testicles grow heavier and fuller, energy levels increase instead of decline, and sex drive remains elevated and strong.

All clear signs that your hormones have not taken a hit.


Edging is especially critical as a man heads past the age of 40.


Because the duration and intensity of the male orgasm diminishes as a man ages. Ejaculation volume decreases as well.

Edging works this ejaculation response, just as weight training works the bicep muscle in your arm.

Instead of physical fitness, you could call this sexual fitness.

The only difference being that practicing sexual fitness is a heck of a lot more fun...especially once you get your woman involved in the process.

Thanks for your question!

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Avoid a Hormonal Crash to Low-T Home

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