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Male Hormones, Productivity & Accomplishment!

by Don

Male Hormones Productivity & Accomplishment!

Hi Mark,

I thought I would get back to you on how things were going. For more than the past 18 months I have been out of work. I was doing civil engineering design and the whole industry collapsed.

About half a year after I was laid off, I went into andropause with all the usual symptoms-night sweats, lack of energy, low libido, etc.

I had been half heatedly looking for work, until I found your website. I have been following your plan for about six months.

I now feel much better, but it has been a double-edged sword. I got my ambition back, but the job market is awful and it became really tough looking for work that wasn't there.

I had all this drive and nowhere to channel it. I was not willing to settle for working a minimum wage job. After all, I graduated summa cum laude and know I'm more valuable than that.

Two weeks ago, I noticed a re-listing of a job announcement for which I had previously applied but did not get an interview.

I called to find out why there was re-listing for the position, and was told they had not found the right person for the job after their first set of interviews.

As the position is related to the work I had done, I knew I would do well at the job and pushed quite hard to get an interview and to take the technical test they required to be considered for the position.

After five days of studying what I assumed would be on the test, I went into the interview. I was just offered the job today.

The person hiring me told me I had the highest score on the test.

I owe a great deal of this personal success to you and the system you have created.

Six months ago I would never have had the ambition to get the job.

Thanks again,

Male Hormones Productivity & Accomplishment

Hi Don,

I tell men all the time, it's not just about the erections or the sex drive.

This is about quality of life!

Think about it...

Productivity, action, and accomplishment are all essential components of a happy life.


Nothing is more depressing or unpleasant than inaction, boredom, or sloth.

As a man, you must stay busy and productive if you want to be truly content, and testosterone is the fuel that will ensure this happens.


Because when testosterone levels are dialed in, inaction is virtually impossible.

In other words, 4 hours on the couch staring at the idiot box simply isn't going to happen when T is in the house.

Male Hormones Productivity & Accomplishment

You made the right moves during your dark days...you placed the focus exactly where it needed to be.

On your body, and your internal machinery that manufactures the male hormones you desperately needed.

The very hormones that got you off the couch, and out there taking risks, pursuing life, and making things happen.

That can be tough to do when T levels have tanked...but when you think of the alternatives, it's really the only option worth considering.


You're content to do nothing and follow the path so many other men take....

The path that leads to depression, lethargy, ill health, and ultimately death.

You did exactly what you needed to do when the chips were down, and now you're reaping the sweet rewards.

Pat yourself on the back Don, you deserve it!

Male Hormones Productivity & Accomplishment
to Boost Your Low Testosterone Levels-Home

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Jan 02, 2011
Well Done
by: Anonymous

Fantastic results! Well done for taking positive steps and following the plan. By making some simple changes to your lifestyle you have been able to turn your life around and show others just how easily this can be done. Without the need for medication!

I think he is right There is nothing worse than sitting depressed on the sofa, without motivation.

But by changing your diet, taking more exercise and doing the other simple things he suggests, you regained your motivation, wanted to get out there and could no longer just sit around being bored and feeling down.

Well done!!! Hope the new job goes well.

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